Once Kodi is turned off, it cannot be turned on

If I turn Kodi off, I cannot turn the device on anymore except unplug it and plug it again. Device is H96Pro+ and I tried also with using its original remote with IR as well as AirMouse with IR capability with programmed ON button.
Any advice?

It should work with the original remote if you haven’t updated the bootloader. If I remember reading there is a bootloader upgrade for the H96 that allows it to be turned on/off via cec.

I disabled CEC because I want to separately control my TV and H96Pro+. I cannot remember that I updated bootloader.
Turning completely OFF and ON via IR works perfectly when it is shut down from Android.

If you reboot to android then shutdown from there does it turn on from the remote.

Yes, if I shutdown from Android, I can turn it on via both remotes with IR. Within Coreelec it is not possible. Only unplug and plug in again which is very annoying.

There is a huge thread about this box, you’ll need to burn a custom uboot to get this working properly with CE.

Thanks but I am not so expert in order to kno how to apply those changes provided in links. Can you, please, instruct me?
If I apply u-boot suspend, this will be applied only for Coreelec on memory stick or directly on bootloader of device? If I update bootloader, I am afraid that I can brick my device.

I also tried this:

  1. Go to \Configfiles\sleep.conf.d (in Windows) or /storage/.config/sleep.conf.d (over SSH).
  2. Rename sleep.conf.sample to sleep.conf
  3. Open sleep.conf and remove this line: SuspendMode=false
  4. Reboot, enjoy.

But it didn’t help. Still cannot turn on Coreelec after turning off. Any other advice?

The quick and dirty work around if you insist on turning it off is to reboot to android and hit the power button to turn it off. I never turn my box off the power saving would save me less than GB£3 per year.

I know for this workaround. Thanks. I am not feeling comfortable that my H96Pro is on all day and night, it can broke. I would rather set it to sleep. It is not about saving money, it is to prolong its lifetime.

Question: burning custom uboot will reflect only Coreelec or also some boot sector in Android? I am afraid to brick something.

Hi I have an h96pro + in a box I have never used I will try to set it up over the weekend to see if I can emulate the problem and give a fix. Updateing uboot if for both android and coreelec. It is possible to brick the device.

Thanks. There are several versions of H96Pro+ and if I use wrong u-boot, it will brick my device. Therefore, it is not worth it to try.
Please, try to reproduce the problem and check if there is easy fix.

The solution has already been given to you, every device can be recovered, even if the wrong bootloader is flashed they can still be recovered, it just becomes more difficult but it can always be done.

Either take the leap and flash u-boot or put up with the issue.

Hi all,

I have observed the same behavior on the Vontair X96 Air (S905X3) device. How can I verify that the root cause is the same and there is no simple workaround/configuration change available?

Many thanks for your endless support.

Kind regards