OTT TV-BOX T95M -> VFD/Remote not working -or- which Box do i have?!

Hello Forum!

This is my first post and unfortunately i have a big problem.

I own two OTT-TV-Boxes (T95M) with S905-Chipset, 1GB Ram and 8GB Flash.

Most T95M-s seem to have s905x or s905 with 2GB ram, so my box seems a bit exotic.

At the moment i run Libreelec, with no problems.

But i want to convert to Coreelec, because of Kodi 18, Autoupdates and mainly the VFD-Frontdisplay, which doesn´t work in Libreelec.

But if i try Coreelec, i have several problems.

Using a general DTB with S905 and 1GB ram works so far, but the remote doesn´t work (i have to manualy flash the conf-file from t95n, also if a have the mentioned t95m, which should work “out of the box”…

But the main problem is: i can´t get the vfd-display working… i tried EVERY conf-file for all boxes, some prevent the box from booting, others do simply not work.

The Kodi-VFD-Addons are installed.

Is it possible that my box is no “true” T95m?

T95ms which i see here either seem to have s905x or 2GB of ram…

What am i doing wrong?

Use the t95m-s905-vfd.conf. Make sure that you rename it to vfd.conf.
Make sure that you’re using the DTBs that are on the SD card and that you’re not getting them from somewhere else.

If it doesn’t work, I’ll need the original DTB file from Android.

I have a S905X T95M, with the latest CE version (unified) installed on it and the VFD works fine, as it always had.
You don’t need a special DTB, the standard DTB for your SoC and RAM size is all you need.
If you still have an issue, reboot the box and post dmesg log (dmesg | paste)
In addition, if you have the OpeVFD Service addon installed, make sure that the display is not turned off in there or something like that.

Yes, you must put a DTB file as specified in the installation instructions. All the device tree files are in the device_trees folder on the root of the SD card.
Here’s a list of devices/device trees that you can reference.

Putting in the correct DTB has always been required. There is a default DTB file placed on the SD in order to get things up and running, but it’s too generic, and will not always work correctly for every device.