Possible solution boot very slow in internal eMMC

Hello friends.

I have a tvbox sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit and wanted to propose something:

The tvbox works correctly for both sdcard, usb and internal eMMC, there is only one problem, the boot of CoreELEC in internal eMMC is very slow. On sdcard or usb it takes around 30 seconds while on internal eMMC it takes around 60 seconds.
Perhaps this problem is because there is a priority at startup.

The boot device priority is:


My question it is possible to remove this priority so that CoreELEC starts faster in internal eMMC. Or if there is some other method to make the boot faster.
I understand the risks that this may cause in my tvbox and these risks would run on my own.

Very slow booting in internal eMMC occurs in both single boot and dual boot.

The hdparm in internal eMMC transfer rate is good, 130mb / s - 150mb / s I understand the problem is only very slow startup in internal eMMC.

Only you know which CE version is installed on your hardware.
Can you give us a hint or maybe disclose ?

Naming your device may also help.

My device is HK1 BOX, Amlogic 905x3 4Gb RAM and 64Gb ROM, 1Gigabit Ethernet.

The version of CoreELEC that I use is CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm- but this occurs with all previous versions, 9.2.2, 9.2.3, etc. Even with the Nightly versions. The dtb.img that I use is sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit and everything works correctly and fast, except the boot in eMMC which is very slow.

Even when there is a lot of metadata in kodi, this screen appears at startup making CoreELEC startup much slower.

Just out of interest, whats your 4Kbytes read/write speed… is it slower than your SD card/USB device?

You mean this? but tell me how to do that test and I do it.

With the data that I provide, is it possible to do it in a simple way? (modifying a file) or would you need a special kernel or dtb created for this?

We will need logs as something is being interupted in your system.

I send you here the 2 logs created. I remind you that all the hardware of the device works correctly in CoreELEC but the only problem is that the system boot in eMMC takes 1 minute longer than in the usb or sdcard boot.

Thanks for your help and your great work Kostaman.



Team CoreELEC :wink:
Will have a look at logs supplied and get back to you.

Have you been able to look at my logs and find out what happens?

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I have the same issue on EMMC.
Very very slow boot.

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I have the same issue on EMMC
Beelink gt king pro rev B

The same on x96air [X96Air] slow boot from eemc

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