PVR Slow Motion Bug

PVR Playback gets Slow Motion.
The Timespan this happens is Days to Weeks.
It happened with my A95X and now with my new T95 max too.


I switch through some Channels and all play Slow Motion.
Then start a Videofile and it runs normal.
I switch back to TV and still Slow Motion.
I reboot the Box and all is fine again.


I think that the Hardware Decoder in the GPU Driver is bad.

With S905x and two S905 Boxes i have several Problems:

  1. every couple hours i have a bad frame.
  2. The Slow Motion Bug happens every coulpe weeks to months and i have to reboot.
  3. every couple weeks to months the box freezes due to a “bad frame” and i have to unplug/replug power.

BUT !!! !!! With 8.95.7 theese things doesnt happen!
I’m running 8.95.7 for months now without any of the problems mentioned above.
All i can say is, that all versions before 8.95.7 have the problems and that 9.0.1 also have the problems!

So coreelec devs, please fix! :slight_smile:

You are running outdated versions.
So, please don´t use old versions
The devs won´t waste time.

As i say, MAGIC 8.95.7 is the only version which doesn’t have the problems.
So devs must find out what they did and why this 1 version works stable and all others not.

Please upload fresh logs for latest 9.2.1 after this issue

I don’t think we know what was good in 8.95.7 only, but who knows…