Reboot to CoreELEC APK

This updated app works fine as need.
Also help for the users to bypass the first toothpick method.
I can use the long press off button to reboot in the homatics boxes , but maybe, in other situation, where the long press not work, it will help.
And well designed :+1:

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Well, in newest Firestick, and in some android box thats same. Earlier was the network debugging mode…

So under Android TV there is only USB debugging what is needed for this.
There is no ADB debugging, it’s calling here network debugging.
It looks like you are running the FireTV OS.
The Fire TV devices should be omitted here anyway as they cannot use CoreELEC, so this app is unnecessary for these devices.

I don’t know how the app works for other devices that can use CoreELEC.
As I said, I can only provide support for the Homatics Box R 4K Plus.

That’s true :smiley:, no CE on such device. Except it have a AML SoC? No, just kidding.

Is it somehow possible to develop a similar method from Coreelec to AndroidTV

It’s already there for years…
Reboot to internal…


I built an addon a long time ago.
Just install this zip.
Run the addon every time you want to boot into Android. (19.8 KB)

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New Update is out!

Changelog for Version 3.0:

  • Added explanation for the buttons.
  • Make the app even smaller. (49.1 KB)
  • UI adjustments.
  • Remove unused material library
  • Fix issues with launcher icon and banner

Downloader App Code:

Release can be found here:


New Update is out!

Changelog for Version 4.0:

  • Fixed incorrect local IP text.
  • Update dependencies.

Downloader App Code:

Release can be found here:


Looks nice, maybe it would be possible to add a shutdown button? :slight_smile:
I don’t boot to android often, but I think there is no easy way to completely shutdown from android, using Homatics Box R 4K Plus Dune version.

I cannot get your 4.0 version to work on Ugoos AM6b+ with Android 9 (FW v.0.5.4), although USB debugging is ON.
Is there a (maybe older?) version that works?

New Update is out!

Changelog for Version 5.0:

  • Fixed problem that the RSA fingerprint key was not saved.
  • Update gradle.

Downloader App Code:

Release can be found here:


When I select the power-icon (to reboot/shutdown Kodi) I do not see any option to boot to internal.
Just saying that for me that addon by @jamal2367 works on a Nokia 8010.


Yes, it’s renamed to “Reboot to eMMC”. What do you think that option does :wink:

I may overlook the obvious but currently, when booted to Kodi/elec and select the ‘power/shutdown’ icon, such option is not shown.

With the USB stick inserted, booting Kodi/elec is default. Removing the USB stick and it will boot to Android.
I do not want to remove and reinsert the USB stick all the time, even if an addon allows to reboot to Android within Kodi.
I aim to have it boot to Android by default to let me (re)boot to Kodi/elec via an .apk.

A similar question did not get a response so currently I am stuck and pondering if changing the boot priority is the way forward and if so on how to proceed.
Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Which CE version are you running, and what options are shown when you select Power icon on your 8010? On 8010 that I had (running “ne” version) IIRC there was an option to reboot from eMMC/NAND.

I don’t think it’s possible to change Boot priority on this box, since it’s an Android “security” option so that you can always boot first from an external media to backup/repair/upgrade installed system

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Option #1 use a skin with ‘power/shutdown’
Option #2 modify Your skin and add ‘power/shutdown’

Thank you for the fast reply.
I share 2 pics for clarification at the end of this response.

What you mention as enforced usb-boot makes sense but can’t we opt for Android boot as we could via the Kodi addon?

My main reason for all this is that CEC powering on (and off) seems not to work when it is booted to Kodi/elec. At best some hibernation from which it will not wake.

I must say it was an effort to get the Nokia 8010 remote to work but one of the 2 suggested keymaps works, but I think I read somewhere that powering on for the Nokia 8010 is complicated.
Being able to power down the box and awaken it, as it does nativily on Android, would fix my needs.

Thanks for your efforts :slight_smile:

-2 images below-

Since Context menus are skin related, use default skin to get the missing option in Power context menu, or as @Tim_Taylor suggested, modify your present skin to include the necessary reboot option.

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