Recommendation low budget box s905w or s905x to run coreELEC only IPTV


I need someone who recommends the most basic and cheapest box (s905w or s905x) that runs without problems the coreelec only to run IPTV mostly 720p and sometimes 1080p,

thanks a lot

You can see a list of supported devices on the CE download page, by using the download helper.

already see, what you think about Mecool M8S Pro W, this box is working 100%?

Good friend I think better to do some readings by google.
Because CoreELEC does not recommend box.
Maybe what’s good for you may not be for others.
Why not buy a OndroidN2
It will stay current for a long time.
The same has the best settings of the moment for IPTV!
Gigabit Ethernet, and S922X Processor
Sometimes it is better to forget the cheap and be satisfied.
For there is nothing expensive when you have money.

odroid n2? where i can find in europe?

It’s in the right place!
Coreelec has the best official support.

im interested but odroid n2 is very expensive in europe about 100-120$, have other good model cheapest? and about remote control?

You can get all your doubts in some of these topics above.
I do not have the same yet because I’m in Brazil.
Detail has one with 2gb version and excellent ideal.
Good luck.

The N2 is far from low budget.

@RYZON I recommend checking out this regularly updated post. A cheap, generic S912 or S905X box will probably meet your needs for $40~50. Those work fairly well, but I don’t know that they will continue to be supported by CoreELEC, as the whole team seems to be solely focused on the Odroid N2 now.

I think you did not read what I said, maybe by yourself the first time!
Maybe what is expensive for you can be cheap for someone else.
Maybe the Chinese box will suit you and not for others.

But I’ll repeat the last words:

Sometimes it is better to forget the cheap and be satisfied.
For there is nothing expensive when you have money.

I don’t know what “there is nothing expensive when you have money” is supposed to mean in the context of this discussion, but OP was specifically asking for a low budget box, and the N2 is clearly not that.

The same did not specify values, or model
From what I have been following the odroid n2 has been showing in performance quality for me and low cost!
As said: The expensive for you can be cheap for other people.

exactly * there is nothing expensive when you have money left over *

The expensive for you can be cheap for other people.

He specifically said low budget.

The very cheapest Kodi boxes are around $30. At the top end, the NVIDIA Shield–pretty much the undisputed king of Kodi boxes–is about $170. It’s impossible to think that the N2 at $120~140 is a low budget option in this field.

Low budget is S905W. There is currently nothing lower budget.

I have two W95 s905w boxes in use for (mainly) IPTV. They work great. What separates these from some other boxes is that even in Coreelec they can actually be turned on via infrared remote. For a cheap remote control I tend to use a MX wireless air mouse type. Together you are looking at about USD 36 shipped.

I have both Nvidia Shield and the N2
Option i picked cost me $101.00 USD Delivered.

SD Card $7.00 USD (converted from AUD)
Remote MX3 $8.00 USD
Total USD $ 117.00
Nvidia Shield is $180.00 USD in my country converted.
The difference is USD $63.00
AUD $89.00 difference
Cheap S905x or w at $40.00 usd + GST $44.00 usd
Difference between N2
USD $73.00 or $103 AUD
Difference between S905w or x and Shield
USD $136.00 or AUD $192.00

I can tell you also that since Leia the shield has issues.

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S905/S912 devices are still going to be supported by CoreELEC.
The point is, that they already work quite stable and there is nothing more to add at the moment.
The reason, why the Odroid N2 gets much more development love currently, is just because it’s a completely new device with a completely new kernel, which needs a lot of work to push it to our high standards.
It has nothing to do with dropping support for older devices.


I got my nexbox a95x 2g/16g (s905x) shipped off ebay for ~$20USD. You just have to wait for a good price. I have purchased at least 4 in that price range over the last 6mo as gifts.
The IR on/off by remote works fine with it, and coreelec is running off an SD card without issue. The only downside is that there is no USB 3.0 or gigabit Ethernet. However at that price I am fine with that.

i’m thinking to buy the Mecool M8S Pro W 2GB/16GB s905w, with Voice Remote Control wifi i think, this remote control is better right? and works with coreelec?

The remote control is an IR one. The Bluetooth function is only used for voice control, which isn’t supported by CoreELEC.
You should rather choose the version with a standard remote control, because it has by far more buttons, which makes it easier to control all aspects of Kodi.

I don’t own this device and only found this information online.