Remote config for T95z Plus

New to this and trying to avoid going deep into config for remotes.
Have just installed coreELEC to a T95Z 2G+16G and everything seems to be working - except the ir remote

Hoping that since this box was a very common one - someone out there already has a config file to suit this box and the remote below.
ir remote

I have looked in the dropbox and it doesn’t look like there is one there already
I have also done a search but not found it - so apologies if this is a repeat request

Please try this one NEW Repo for Remote files (Thanks to Betatester)

wow - thanks for the super speedy response - will have a go and report back :smiley:

Thanks for the additional link.
I did see those boxes with what looks like the same remote - but I didn’t know enough to know that i could use the config from those - even if the box was different . Will give it a go…

Hi Garzie

I am having the same problem - Did you manage to find a working config?