S912 User experience

Are you a S912 Device owner ? Can you share your experience here about CoreELEC 9.2 ? I’m looking to know about 9.2 update, if this is safe from 9.0.2 if 9.2 is really better than 9.0.2 etc…
For now 9.0.2 work very well with my TX8 S912 device and I’m curious about updating to 9.2 I’m not sure this is real gain for this device.
Thanks for you feedback

I have H96 Pro, for some reason I couldn’t the tar update to download, so did a new install, seems the same as before.

On the Mecool can’t remember whether I used the tar, but I did have problem with my TVH, I uninstalled the version I had, then used the tvh server from the repo. All ok.

On the older chips there has been very little actual change for months so there will be no major improvement going from 9.0.2 to 9.2
If you do decide to do the upgrade then there were issues with addon compatibility between the two versions. The safest thing is to either do a fresh install, or alternatively disable all your addons before carrying out the upgrade and then re-enable them one by one.


If one day we will get 4.9 kernel on S912 devices then user experience will be almost same as on S922.

This is extremely unlikely to happen. Amlogic have lost interest in the s912 and never licensed the GPU driver for release in anything other than Android.


Almost no problems with three MeCool KIII Pro devices. Just bluetooth works with 9.2 nightlies. But now completely without major issues. If you dont care about bluetooth much, then stable 9.2 is for you, almost perfect.

I use the nightlies regularly on two S912 boxes and it works extremely well.

On occasion, as should be expected with nightlies, there can be the odd bug or two appear but they are generally resolved by the next release.

I also get superior video quality than I do with an Ng build on S905X2, especially on OTA TV.

I moved away from 9.0.2 a long time ago.

My experience with S912 is very good, and with CoreELEC, the better. All my devices are S912. This is my implementation:

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