[s922x] a95x max plus

Hi there!

I’d like to ask the coreelec team to add support for the A95X MAX PLUS with S922X SoC (4GB RAM / 64 GB EMMC).

I did some tests with the dtb of the X88 King. Result: Device boots up, coreelec running (GUI works), sound+network OK, playing videos (SW and HW decoding) doen’t work.

Here is the extracted Android dtb: dtb (256 KB)

Thank you for the quick reply!

Isn’t it easier to start with the basics, before we go into detail? I’m definitely using the wrong dtb.
If needed, I’m happy to provide all depersonalized logfiles that are needed.

Wrong dtb would not cause sw and hw video decoding not to work as they are totally unrelated.

Looks like that dtb is encrypted as well, nothing we can do with it but I have managed to find an unencrypted one in the firmware package for the device.

Do you know which revision S922X soc is in your device?

Thanks a lot for checking the firmware!

I installed cpu-z to find out which revision it is.
4x ARM Cortex-A73 @ 1.80 GHz
2x ARM Cortex-A53 @ 1.70 GHz

That means rev a? Or is there another way to find it out?

Edit: I was a bit too quick. Searching helps: https://discourse.coreelec.org/t/s922x-ugoos-am6/6260/39E

It’s rev. A, unfortunately

Today I was going to prepare all the debug logs, so I set up a fresh SD card with CE 9.2.2 and a USB Stick with test-videos - and guess what?
Everything is running perfectly out of the box!! I haven’t find anything yet that is not working.

Here is what happend:
When I was doing tests the first time, I felt lucky and restored a backup of my running S905X setup (to get the network sources and so on). This seems to cause problems.
Now I restored only parts of the backup, excluding configs etc. The only thing I had to do in the end, was enabling Addons, as they were all disabled.

I’m impressed by the speed of a S922X SoC! Can’t wait to test out retro gaming.

X88 King dtb seems to work fine for A95X MAX+.
Confirmed working: wifi, BT, audio, video in SW and HW decoding (even 1080p x265 runs flawless and smooth with SW)

You might have issues with the USB ports using the X88 King dtb, check them and make sure they are okay.

Hi everyone.

I have A95X MAX Plus with a 2TB SATA SSD inside the box. I noticed two problems:

  1. I’m able to run CoreELEC from an SD card. However, the SSD is not visible from the device list (no /dev/sd*), while regular USB sticks are visible this way and are listed in CoreELEC system info.
  2. I tried to write CoreELEC ISO image to the SSD using EtchDroid. However, running the box in recovery mode brings it back to Android. Trying to boot from USB sticks made with Rufus make the box run CoreELEC init procedure, but gives file system errors after restart.

So my question: is it possible to use SSDs with my box and make them useable by CoreELEC, preferably, as bootable drives, or at least as storage?

same problem any help , any solution to use SSD as boot drive