Selectable boot device / selectable boot order

My feature request:
As there are so many boot loops with external USB devices I request a configurable order of boot devices or a selectable first boot device.
Maybe in the CE settings in Kodi, whatever seems best to fit.

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What do you mean by this?

There are many reports here:

And I am having them myself:

It also tells you how to solve it.

Don’t use the USB port on the bottom next to the DC jack.

If you need to use it then install the nightly where the issue has already been fixed.

So it is a bug!
This makes my request even more important, because it would make things a lot easier to avoid such problems.
Thank you very much for supporting my request.

Please read carefully last message from Adamg again.
It was fixed in nightly builds already.

A bug that has already been fixed.

Your feature request is a bit pointless because the N2 already has the feature you are requesting in the form of petitboot, I suggest you do some reading and not just selective reading.

Well, as you could have read (your own suggestion) I was talking about the U9-H. As far as I understand petitboot is atm only for the N2, right?
Anyway, the bug is fixed and maybe betitboot will be available for all devices in the future.
So we better close this case. No offense, but this was only a request, you could have simply answered yes or no. I just thought it could have made things easier for you when you do not have to mess with all these USB devices out there.

You was linking to bugs that specifically affected only N2 devices and hence I assumed you had an N2.

There is no USB boot loop bug that affects your device.

Petitboot is made specifically by Hardkernel for the N2 and so it can’t be used on other devices.

My device has another opinion, but forget it, i am done with this anyway