Singleboot EMMC CE Matrix on Mecool KI Pro

Due to an old android version (7.1.2) you can’t install CE Matrix on the emmc of the Mecool KI Pro in singleboot mode. But there’s a trick. There’s an unfinished version of Android 9 that you can use. Install this version first using the Amlogic usb tool and then install CE Matrix on the emmc with the ceemmc tool (use ceemmc -x). The singleboot option is available and no message “No DT partition was found”. You can find the android version here: [770.23 MB file on MEGA]
This did the trick for me and it works 100% including DVB.

The link is not working for me

New link:

How to flash this?

I tried SD card burn, it started upgrading, but all I get is android icon with an X and the device no longer boots…

I have this device. I solved this by combining SD card boot and moving of /storage partition to EMMC (data partition of android). While part of boot process is still slower, running of Kodi is WAY FASTER.

I used this howto:
[removed: no support of this method]

Use the USB Burning tool to flash the Android image, not SD Card. It’s an unfinished version and maybe it will not boot (i didn’t try), but leave it that way and boot CE from SD Card and install to emmc. If you want Android for daily use don’t install this image !

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