[Solved] Black screen after refresh rate switch

Hi all,

I’m having an intermittent issue with my new n2+ where it will occasionally present a black screen after having automatically switched refresh rates, either before playback or after playback of a video.

Power cycling the TV/AVR/N2+ / replugging the HDMI will resolve this issue and successfully display the UI again making me think this is a handshake/edid issue.

This issue only occurs when running though my AVR (Denon avr-x2000) but not while plugged directly into my TV (Toshiba Regza 37c3030d) - n.b. neither of these devices really support 4k and they’re both probably limited to at most, hdmi 1.4* - again making me think is a handshake issue, specific to the AVR.

I’ve attempted a considerable amount of troubleshooting over the past week (new hdmi cables, various kodi configs / boot.ini modifications / AVR tweaks) and am making no headway - the issue still persists probably 1/10 times I initiate or stop video playback.

Here’s a dispinfo log of the issue (black screen) - http://ix.io/3BzN
Here’s a dispinfo log of everything working well - http://ix.io/3BzQ

If anyone has any ideas on what might be going wrong here, I’d love to hear them!

I desperately want this n2 to work as when it works, it’s flawless.


Solved - it’s a known issue with this series of Denon AVRs.

Fixed by bodging an automation in home assistant to switch to another input and back on kodi play / idle.

The same here.
When watching TV and then switching to HDMI2 where Odroid N2 is connected via Denon AVR-X27000H randomly in 50% of cases there is only a black screen. Solution is to switch back to TV source and then again to HDMI2.
Annoying like a hell…
Didn’t know it is a known issue of some Denon AVRs and funny thing is that I hadn’t this problem on my old… AVR-2000 but it is happening with newest AVR-2700H.
Can you share a link where it is described as a known issue? Is Denon aware of it and working on a fix?

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