[Solved] Black screen after refresh rate switch

Hi all,

I’m having an intermittent issue with my new n2+ where it will occasionally present a black screen after having automatically switched refresh rates, either before playback or after playback of a video.

Power cycling the TV/AVR/N2+ / replugging the HDMI will resolve this issue and successfully display the UI again making me think this is a handshake/edid issue.

This issue only occurs when running though my AVR (Denon avr-x2000) but not while plugged directly into my TV (Toshiba Regza 37c3030d) - n.b. neither of these devices really support 4k and they’re both probably limited to at most, hdmi 1.4* - again making me think is a handshake issue, specific to the AVR.

I’ve attempted a considerable amount of troubleshooting over the past week (new hdmi cables, various kodi configs / boot.ini modifications / AVR tweaks) and am making no headway - the issue still persists probably 1/10 times I initiate or stop video playback.

Here’s a dispinfo log of the issue (black screen) - http://ix.io/3BzN
Here’s a dispinfo log of everything working well - http://ix.io/3BzQ

If anyone has any ideas on what might be going wrong here, I’d love to hear them!

I desperately want this n2 to work as when it works, it’s flawless.


Solved - it’s a known issue with this series of Denon AVRs.

Fixed by bodging an automation in home assistant to switch to another input and back on kodi play / idle.

The same here.
When watching TV and then switching to HDMI2 where Odroid N2 is connected via Denon AVR-X27000H randomly in 50% of cases there is only a black screen. Solution is to switch back to TV source and then again to HDMI2.
Annoying like a hell…
Didn’t know it is a known issue of some Denon AVRs and funny thing is that I hadn’t this problem on my old… AVR-2000 but it is happening with newest AVR-2700H.
Can you share a link where it is described as a known issue? Is Denon aware of it and working on a fix?

I think i saw it mentioned over on the kodi forums - Occasional Refresh Rate Change Problems

My AVR is from 2014 so I’m shocked to hear you’re having the same issue on your much newer AVR.

Maybe there really is something up with the N2(+)? I never experienced this problem with any models of the RPi…

I see this occasionally with both an N2 and an NS+ with my Denon AVR X2700H - but we’re talking like 1 in 50, definitely not 1 in 10 or even close to it. So only mildly irritating in the big scheme of things.

I do use a disp_cap file. Not sure if that helps…

As I’m facing this issue much often (around 1 in 2 cases when switching to N2) can you guide me what should you do for helping in troubleshoot process? You mention “use disp_cap file” - what does it means and how to collect such “file” ?

disp_cap is basically a file which identifies what your display capabilities are

In a nutshell, you copy a dynamic operating system file: /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/disp_cap to your /storage/.kodi/userdata folder - this then means you have a static file identifying your display capabilities.

No idea if this does in fact help, but perhaps it is used when EDID fails or something?? Right this moment I have forgotten why I started using it, to be honest…

Can’t hurt to try it, though!

(if you search here for disp_cap, there’s a bunch of threads using them for similar issues to do with sync/refresh rates etc: https://discourse.coreelec.org/t/override-edid-refresh-rates/8482_

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