Strange behaver after Update minix u22-xj

Are there any users that have the following problem on the minix u22-xj

After the last update of Coreelec (August), Coreelec no longer worked properly,

Only half of the skin is loaded as if files are missing.

Then I tried a new installation and install a backup.

But now it works slower and not all addons work properly as personal lists via an account tv addons will no longer load.

Or watchlist of is empty while I am sure it is not

Tried to delete the cache by indigo addon but then I get an error

TV add-ons is used for piracy content so no support is given. You have to try a clean install of CoreELEC and if there’s a problem please post your logs.

It is an legal addon! (vtm go)
Not everything is piracy on kodi :wink:
If there is no other option I will try new setup but I hope it is possible to fix because it is a lot of work…
I don’t now where I can find the logs

As long as you have any illegal addon, in your case, no help can be offered.
After cleaning your system from illegal stuff, post a FULL debug log if you need further assistance.
Normal logs are stored in /storage/.kodi/temp illegal? so that’s new

If not, pardon my french :wink:

Of course not everything is piracy in kodi, you don’t need to tell me that. So, post your current logs and you’ll receive the support you need:

You do a clean install
Then supply logs
I will mark this thread as solved due to rogue addons.
The one i have quoted you on is responsible for all
previous members issues who had this addon installed.
Google it.

Indigo is a nasty malware addon which you would be best advised to avoid anyway.


Well, my teammates pointed you @Tom31to the right direction. I asked for your current logs and I knew they couldn’t be clean. Indigo is ilegal, TVaddons Repository is banned also. Here’s a list from kodi wiki:

Seconding kostaman and Shoog on this. The Indigo addon causes a lot of issues. Please get rid of it.

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