Support added for S905X2, S922X and A311D!

If bootloader is locked, than no solution…
Need UART boot logs from A95X Max if it doesn’t start from SD card or USB
And also the same for A95x F2

Dear CE team… What choices of the latest technology boxes are possible/recommended if it is an absolute must that I can install to internal or emmc memory?

How to make UART boot logs?

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Open your box, find the UART pins, solder (or fix with tape) wires to GND, RX, TX, connect them to an USB-serial adapter’s GND, TX, RX pin, connect the adapter to your computer, start a terminal software, setup the connection (115200, 8,1) and power on your box to see the messages.

N2 is still the best choice in my opinion…

tr99 2/16
After the last update the wifi works but the bluetooth does not.
Thanks for the excellent work.

I’m installing the last nightly version and the correct dtb file to my X96 Max, the first time it boots fine, it resize the partition, install and then I can use Kodi fine.
When I reboot it wont boot again, it stays in black screen. I’m stock here, I don’t have this problem with my other devices. Thanks for your advice.

After a while it says that the system is corrupted, it tries to fix it but fails and ask to reinstall the system

Same problem with a95x f2. Black screen, doesn’t start.
But I doubt that the problem cause is the locked bootloader, as Balbes150 builds do boot, with a bunch of errors though

I have a t95q and I have a similar problem.

When I turn on the device, I do get a black screen. I use harmony remote to set the input correctly. But I have to go into my avr menu and reselect the input before coreelec starts booting.

My A95X F2 boots with balbes150 libreelec build…in fact I’m ssh’d into it right now (ethernet doesn’t work) so if there is anything I can supply you guys let me know…

The TR99 2/16 doesn’t have bluetooth

Solved the a95x f2 problem with ethernet on Balbes150 by changing the dtb line to x96maxrmii in both extlinux and uenv.ini also.

The latest version of Elementum still crashes. The previous one OK.
CoreELEC won’t boot with that dtb

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Adamg cual es el remote para el t95x2

Good work young man!
if anyone is in france you can get this box delivered for less than 30 yuros :crazy_face:

Confident the coreelec guys will have a working image soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If anybody is prepared to wait 2 weeks you will see there will be a S922X/2GB device available for €55 which runs circles around S905X2.


Will 2GB be enough to run CoreELEC confidently? Or it would be better to invest in a 4GB one?


Quite enough. But if u need 1gbit lan be sure that 2gb ram version has the feature. Because many of 2gb s905x2 boxes have only 100mbs lan onboard

I’m sold.

You going to tease us a little more about what it is?

I hope that doesn’t mean you’re giving up on the S905X2!!??
At 45€ it’s still 50% more than mine and has half the memory lol
I can’t even find Killing Eve in 4k on ‘thepiratebay’ so I’m really not bothered about a box that does more than 4k :crazy_face:

4K is not the point. The performance and feel of a S922X based system is just leaps better than S905X2.
2GB or 4GB of RAM makes very little difference in CE.