The Future: Odroid N2


At least there should not be a reason why it shouldn’t work. S922X will be using our unified platform. So if you can get a dtb it might work.
Dunno if we will be able to support issues we can’t test on our own devices.

Now we have at least someone at the team who got a Mecool (like afl1).
There is discussion to remove KVIM(2) image because we can’t test uboot changes. But vim users will still be able to use the generic builds.


I just told my wife what this board can do.

She asked , "What good is that to me"

I told her I’ll ask adam.


Would be great if you could negotiate a special price for a large group buy for coreelec forum members :wink:


Odroid have made a wise choice in getting ahead of the game by supplying the devs with devices.

Might be better if users suggest directly to Odroid a potential advantage of perhaps giving known CE users a chance for an early purchase because the feedback from development is a win/win for all parties.


@Wizzi07 I’m not sure that would be appropriate, if you give a discount to one group then others would start to want the same as well, I think profit margins are already probably very thin on this device and I also think it’s already competitively priced, it’s far cheaper than say a KVIM2/Minix U9-H or a Vero 4K+, it’s only the delivery fee that is the stinger really but mine shipped from South Korea on a Tuesday and it was with me in the UK by Thursday, so you get what you pay for really.


just my 2c

you should think about selling a N2 CE Edition.
This would be a triple win for Hardkernel, Customers and your big development efforts.


We will not do something like that. It’s nice to get devices for development but we are not monetary driven like LibreELEC we do this for fun and not Money.


That is nice to hear @Ray. I think I talk for the vast majority when saying that we truly appreciate the work you put in to this project! Keep up the good work


I already thought there is an answer like Ray said

my point of view is
A lot of nerds will buy the N2 becauce CE team do the interesting Software development. This device gets the “will have“ status when a CE Version is running

The Sellers and Resellers will make all the profit.
Thats not fair in my opinion.

But i see your point of view and i have respect to all developers spending a lot of time keeping CE running

So one more month until cream in the pants…


Well you see there are only few companies doing good work and supporting a community. One is Hardkernel. Yeah they make some money but consider how many people will buy the cheapest of the cheapest S922x AML box. So they will lose money too. And our user numbers are not that high for Odroid C2.
I for one would not jump on the ship in one month and expect a perfectly working device. There is still a ton of bugs. Video playback is not near as good as 3.14 kernel. But we had a lot of success.



You should already have cream in your pants from running CoreELEC :sweat_smile:


Does anyone care to comment on the different levels of support for Linux on the S922x vs the rk3399 ?



Dunno what you want to hear. We are basically AML fans here. I have had the RK3399 it has some features but I personally prefer the N2 it’s way superior for my use cases.


Its my feeling that they are about equal in terms of linux


HDR does not yet work on RK and its an older kernel 4.4 vs 4.9, not as much is going on in the RK scene.

If your comparing Linux support then Aml definitely has the upper hand.


If the sound chip lives up to expectations it represents all the value for money you need since a typical sound cards such as the Mamboberry will run you to €70.00 alone.
However I don’t see the jump in performance over my VIM2 S912 with Mamboberry justifying buying a N2 at this stage.



I don’t think there is any reason to update your working box. I’d only consider it if you don’t have a box and you want one. S905/S912 SoC’s will not be produced soon.


It does not come with an SPDIF port?

What does the people do? use an USB card?


It claims to have a high quality DAC onboard. I believe it also has i SPIDIF gpio


Yes, I read about the DAC (which is nice if you like to listen to music with hifi headphones), but I still don’t see any reference to the SPDIF, and also no expansion cards or complements on the Hardkernel shop either (for other models).

Or maybe I missed it. In any case, that’s the first thing I check on a board…