The Future: Odroid N2

It’s just means the signal is there, since SPDIF_TX is on gpio pin 7, so you do have 1x SPDIF output. The word “optional” is kind of important there too. :grinning:

Adding the Toslink connector is as simple to do as adding an led is.(which it pretty much is) Adding an RCA connector requires some more know how and a few more parts, since directly trying to drive a 75ohm cable from the soc pin is a really bad idea.

For the people interested in NF. I just tested and 1080p is flawless even at highest bps (30-40% CPU usage) even with skin GUI enabled.

BTW. temperature never went over 45°C. I’ve played the video 20min


Small video of Netflix on the N2, I can also confirm playback is flawless, I would put CPU usage and temperatures at slightly less than what @Ray quoted though :wink: sorry it is not longer, I will try to upload a better sample later on tonight.


Perfect :smile:

Hi Guys! How is HDR looking? I am really looking forward the N2 as it looks like the perfect companion for my LG TV. I need to get rid of the WP2 ASAP!

Haven’t tried yet but hw decoding is not perfect yet so we fixing it here and there.

Since there is a lot of fake news and FUD being spread by some LibreELEC Developers I could not resist to make this photo ;):

Just to be clear. I have yet to see the cpu temperature to rise over 45°C. Some people should read up on thermodynamics before telling about their brain farts.



HDR10 works, HLG works, DolbyVision doesn’t work right now. I can’t say whether we’ll be able to get DV working, but HDR works already. We still need to port the color switching code over to the new kernel, because it stays at 8-bits, but I’m sure we’ll have it working eventually.


Have seen this thread already yesterday but did not dare to point on it. Looks like one developer didn’t get a N2 for testing…

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Lol exactly my thought. I have both N1 and N2 and had several RK3399 boards but no Rockchip was able to do flawless 1080p NF. This device almost feels like an Intel board.

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Did you get the new version N2+ ?

Lol. No there is no such thing. You have fallen for a prank.

Don’t you know that there is only fake news on the LibreELEC forum :smile:


Do you use the board with eMMC module or SD card?

Hahaha :rofl:

Both but mainly SD cause it’s easier to swap.

Thanks! Is there any noticeable difference in speed?

have you tested HDR10+ too?

Nope, my TV doesn’t support HDR10+.

Edit: Dolby Vision doesn’t work. Looks like Kodi doesn’t support it, although the hardware may be DV-capable, it’ll require a player that can also properly support it. And since DV is a proprietary format, we may never see one.

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Yes emmc is super fast.

Would all S922X android boxes support dolby vision if kodi adds support or would a patent licence be needed to enable that functionality by the box vendor?