TrustOnX Player (TOX3) S905X4 - ETH not working on NE but working on NG! FIXED - Solution available!

Gigabit ethernet is working with new NE image. Will do more testing. Thanks!

CoreELEC:~ # dmesg |grep eth0
[ 10.797328@3] meson8b-dwmac fdc00000.ethernet eth0: PHY [0.0:00] driver [MAE0621A Gigabit Ethernet]
[ 10.809201@3] meson8b-dwmac fdc00000.ethernet eth0: No Safety Features support found
[ 10.809231@3] meson8b-dwmac fdc00000.ethernet eth0: PTP not supported by HW
[ 10.809243@3] meson8b-dwmac fdc00000.ethernet eth0: configuring for phy/rgmii link mode
[ 14.951906@1] meson8b-dwmac fdc00000.ethernet eth0: Link is Up - 1Gbps/Full - flow control rx/tx
[ 14.951954@1] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): eth0: link becomes ready

NE image with Maxio MAE0621A PHY driver is working great

CoreELEC:~ # iperf3 -c
Connecting to host, port 5201
[ 5] local port 48268 connected to port 5201
[ ID] Interval Transfer Bitrate Retr Cwnd
[ 5] 0.00-1.00 sec 107 MBytes 901 Mbits/sec 0 220 KBytes
[ 5] 1.00-2.00 sec 107 MBytes 894 Mbits/sec 0 220 KBytes

CoreELEC:~ # iperf3 -s
Server listening on 5201 (test #1)
Accepted connection from, port 3135
[ 5] local port 5201 connected to port 3136
[ ID] Interval Transfer Bitrate
[ 5] 0.00-1.00 sec 97.0 MBytes 814 Mbits/sec
[ 5] 1.00-2.00 sec 98.2 MBytes 824 Mbits/sec

Flashing, thank you guys!

Works like a charm! Thank you @smp @Jas88

I can confirm based on my testing that the ToX3 is a beast with S905X4 and is absolutely NE ready, did play a bunch of diff video/audio formats…

Thanks for the update on this TOX3 player. Just ordered one to test, based on the low operating temperatures of it.

Glad the bugs worked out.

TOX3 sound interesting. Did it have an audio out, e.g. SPDIF, to connect it with a HIFI Receiver? I didn’t find it on their site.

Sorry, I found it now. It has no SPDIF nor analog audio, so no connection to my HIFI receiver, I assume.

No mate, HDMI only… 1 USB 3.0 port (which I tested with a tp-link gb adapter for eth and works fine), micro sd and that`s about it.

Why not, if you have an old classical receiver with SPDIF/TOSLINK, you can stil try get audio via hdmi some splitter and DAC to the receiver… but it will be expensive.

Will ETH driver find its way in the official repository? Link above doesn’t work anymore.
Which remote.conf to use with the original remote? couldn’t find a working one.
Despite that, box runs fine with ne by the way, good work! Fast WiFi, Bluetooth Remote etc.
AV1 decode, HDR, Atmos passthrough. No problems so far

Driver is already in official repo.

For remote this works perfectly:
remote.conf (2.8 KB)


What about vdf drivers? Is it easy to config the display in Linux?

THX, remote works fine, eth also (was my fault with eth, driver is within the actual 20.1). happy with the Box now. Awesome Coreelec Team!

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VFD for TOX3
vfd.conf (1.2 KB)

To config the display, install the OpenVFD service in Kodi via the CoreELEC Add-on repository.


Ordered the bloody box on March 20th, suppose to be delivered from a :eu: store, got nothing until now. :grin:
Thanks for the driver! Hope I’ll get the chance to deploy it these days.
The box looks lovely in the reviews.

Sorry for the noobish question, I see something about 4.9 kernel - works only with Amlogic-ng builds? :thinking:

It works with both the -ng and -ne builds.

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Received my TOX3 box today. Going to set it up. Thanks for the VFD.

works also, thank you :slight_smile:

Received my TOX3 box yesterday. After installing CoreELEC NE, the VC-1 video codecs do not play very well. A lot of my Blueray rips are in that video codec. Everything else seems to play perfectly. Thanks to @Jas88, the stock remote and front display are working great also.
[hastebin - obefewimis.url|attachment](upload://sgwfVtj4QwMsIc1LkGXQJNeDG1p.url) (58 Bytes)

Are those clips played in MrMC?As in Android. :thinking:

MKV with AV1 codec???

Or converted MKV to AV1…
From log…

Its Doc n Marty…
Back to the Future!!!

Great Movie…!!!

Not very clear…

Happy Testing