TV Remote stopped working?

Suddenly my TV remote has stopped working?, the key i bound for wakeup from suspend is still working, but nothing else?

How do i re enable it, seems corelec did it itself first time…

Anyone ? …

No logs, no info about remote…

Yes but the weird thing is it was working fine, now its like it does not even see the remote, which is odd. If it can find it in the first place on setup can we just not run that program again?

I mapped a button using keymap to go straight into standby, but now nothing.

Strangely the the config i changed manually to startup from standby is the only button that works.

But to be honest IR sucks anyway, could always stick with my PS3 BT remote so long as i dont mind changing the batteries every 2 weeks. ;/

Out of curiosity, what would the command be to assign a button for pressing S for the shutdown menu, or a command to issue go straight to standby, so long as i have those 2 its fine, ir is kinda slow anyway.