TVH Stream Constantly Dropping... Driving me NUTS!

Ok this is weird.

I am using Build: 4.2.8-36 ~ CoreELEC Tvh-addon v9.2.121.

Aso using TVH Dream player on my android box and phone.

I am trying to stream TV into my bedroom.

Everything appears to be running fine, but on the 2 android boxes i have in that room the stream just keeps stopping, a quick change of channel and its then runs fine again. This can happen within 5 mins or sometimes 45 mins to an hour, but is totally random. And constant

Here is the weird thing, This only happens on the 2 android boxes, if i play the stream on my phone it will play all day long with no problems using the same program and connection.

Anyone have a clue im totally lost ? no idea if its a server or client issue?

What are your android boxes running, android?

Yes both running android 9.0

I have a Mecool KM9 Pro
And a H96 MAX

Both keep dropping out, whereas my phone also android will play all day?

I asked because there are too many variables. If your phone plays all day, it seems that your server is working correctly. You can try Kodi in android with tvh client, or try the tvh client app (and choose MX player as player) in android. What I would do is try CoreELEC on those boxes and see if tvh client works ok. Then you can be sure if it’s server or client problem.
Just one final note, android is bad. That’s why everyone here uses CoreELEC in the boxes).

Yes i am already using Kodi with TVH Client on both.
So i tried dream player, much better app but still the same.

Ill build a card and give it a try, this is ridiculous!

Conditions for a good transmission of WiFi streams:

  • low level of interference from other WiFis transmitting on the same channel
  • use of the 5 Ghz frequency spectrum
  • high level of WiFi signal, or what is the same, short distance to the router
  • few simultaneous services in execution, especially those that make use of data transmission, both on the server and on the client
  • server connected to the home network via ethernet cable

With all this the stream transmission will be quite stable.

I am already connected by ethernet cable, not using wifi, as i say i can stream movies from the box for hours and no dropouts, its just happening with live tv.

live tv?

Live TV from CoreELEC or from internet?

Streams from the internet are unreliable, sometimes they work well and sometimes they don’t, it also depends on the moment, sometimes the server is overloaded. That is why I use CoreELEC as a live tv server, it always works well, even if I am at 1000 km, I only need a 30 Mbps stable internet connection.

I am streaming Live TV From TVH Server On Coreelec

If server and client are connected by ethernet on the same home network, then I understand nothing. Check the running addons on both devices. It can also be a hardware problem, for example, flash card speed.

Like i say its odd.

It plays fine on the client and server, fine on my phone, just not on the 2 android boxes.

There is barely anything on them apart from koid and TVH Client.

Try this to rule out hardware problems. Try the test. You will have an idea about the general health of your devices (hardware, storage, home network, and internet).

Trust me its not my connection, i just streamed a 2 hour high bitrate film and not 1 dropout, switch to TVH and 15 mins and gone.

Balls to it, waste of time, of to argos to buy a high gain digital arial, this just isnt worth my hassle.

For many people both the tvheadend server and the tvh clients addons work very well, with WiFi and ethernet. The problem is neither in the tvheadend server nor in the tvh clients addons. You give very little information about the circumstances of streaming (iptv restreaming, tv channel streaming, descrambling, …), so nobody can help you.

Have you tried CoreELEC in the boxes? As I said, you can’t trust android on this boxes.

Im Streaming Live TV from TVH as in from Arial., And i cant find any compatible Coreelc versions for my boxes?

I can tell you what i have tried.

I have reinstalled both android boxes from scratch, i have changed and tried every single setting there is.

Tried 2 or 3 different apps.
Direct stream in VLC

I have tried wifi, wifi boosters.
Bought a 1GB Powerline kit

All fail. I am currently trying the box plugged directly into the rooter by the Server N2.

What i have noticed…

Will stream to PC all day
Will stream to phone all day

2 android boxes constant freezing.

So its got to be something to do with this. Lets see how the direct connection goes then if fail ill see if i can put coreelec on both of them.

I am using a Mecool KM9 Pro Main 4GB
And a H96 MAX 4GB for the kids.

All main stuff is done directly on the N2 in the front room, main unit and server.

FFS! Box connected to main router next to server, 2 freezes in 30 mins.

Strange new occurrence, i have now managed to play a stream for 24 hours with no freeze, although i do get occasional 2 second freezes but it will carry on.

I am now totally convinced this is a TVH server or driver issue.

Ok, i am using TVh Dream Player,
using VLC default player it will constantly drop. but play any channel
Using Exoplayer it will freeze for a few seconds, i am asuming this is when it normaly drops, then it will carry on. but exoplay wont play all channels???

What should my stream profile be on, i cant change hstp its stuck on default.

I don’t know what you are doing but the tvheadend server on my Amlogic S912 (Mecool KIII Pro) works very fine for me. It is capable of giving four TV streams with different channels and in different mux without any problem (one running on the server, two within the same home network via WiFi, and one via ethernet with zerotier VPN to a remote home network). All receivers use the Tvheadend HTSP Client addon.

When you say Tvheadend HTSP Client addon. I assume you are running that under CE?