Tvheadend client better through wifi than Ethernet

I have a bizzare problem.

Ethernet port working better than wifi to play back videos from my server. Player cache at 100 percent…playing back 4k videos

Tvheadend client… poor choppy playback … player cache at 20 percent

Tvheadend client on wifi . Good playback player cache at 20 percent

Unfortunately 4k videos won’t play via the wifi…0 percent player cache. So the ethernet port is working well for videos and tvheadend recordings but oddly need to use wifi for live tv playback

Tvheadend server on a seperate NUC. Playing live tv via dvbt.

All other clients connected by ethernet… nil concerns including another s905 coreelec device

Problematic client. X96air running stable coreelec ng build.

Thanks for any help.

Can you please post logs? Which CoreELEC version build are you using? Matrix, Nexus?

No worries

I am using the matrix Ng build. Before I create the log .what should I do…just flick through some livetv channels…Thanks in advance. Also it keeps forcing its own advancedsettings.xml. everytime I change it it forces it back .

Also choosing HTTP as streaming option fixes it. But then I can pause and rewind livetv

Unable to lost log files…error in the coreelc system menu…sorry

I’ve been experiencing the same symptom on my N2 / server system since some weeks and find it incredibly difficult to debug this as my logs only indicated streaming stalls or TVH server / client disconnects.

I believe that HTTP streaming is generally more “stable” than HTSP streaming, so simply “more foregiving” to network/streaming issues, but that it still may hint at server-side problems contributing to the problem. I have about 12 containers running on my server, one of them (chia docker) creates a lot of network traffic. When I stop the container, my Live-TV streams perfectly fine again (even using HTSP), so I think the problems may be multi-factorial and only occur in specific environments or server/client configurations. Otherwise, similar reports would be all over the place.


Thanks for the update. I am running adguard on the same server, so all the DNS requests are going via the server. Maybe that could slow the traffic down although total bandwidth would be minimal? but I am no expert here.

Oddly I am trying a usb to ethernet adapter and that seems to be working??

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