TX95 Amlogic S905X hangs on playback start (9.2.3 only)

Up to 9.2.2 it was always rock-solid. After 9.3.2 upgrade randomly it will just hang on Waiting… on various media (H.264, HEVC)
In such case even Reboot hangs. Only hard power reset makes it being responsive

Each next version does the same, can watch one, two movies and then reboot is needed (at least reboot works in later versions)

Also, try Amlogic-ng image

On my device, NG does not work if the movie has 6 channel AAC (it just hangs), so definitely not usable

Not sure what you expect us to do, see my post above.

Reverted back to non NG 9.2.5
Watched a movie, next one will just not start

Anybody at all?

Surely somebody must know?

Nobody knows.
Could be a hardware issue(amlogic hardware decoder)

You have so many addons in your build one of them may be your issue.

Your content used for playback has pirate site fingerprints in your log.

Clean up your build and test again.

Most likely it was issue of Spotify add-on, as per this

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