Ugoos AM6 Plus

Is there a CE version that can be used on this Ugoos?

Use -ng build with the same dtb as on AM6. Just select correct revision.

Thank you. It will arrive monday. I didn’t know of two revisions. Do you know the difference(s) between version A and B?

Difference in core speeds, more detail in this topic:

The box arrived on monday and I installed the Ugoos RC firmware for dual boot purpose. And it works CE boots normally and is the last stable version 9.2.2.
The box is rev,B whatever this means.
In Android it plays Dolby Vision profile 4 trough plex app (latest stable release).
Do you think that CE will someday support Dolby Vision in this box as it already does with HDR10+ ?

Someday it possible could :sunglasses:

Thank you. Thay day will be the end for other OS :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Hi. I bought an AM6 Plus.
I thought the built-in firmware 0.3,3 is already dual boot ready but I can’t find any settings for me to able to use CoreElec.
I want to use CE rather than Kodi Android.
How do I enable dual boot?
BTW, I’m using Mac and not windows.

Try long press the power button. It should show the power options. If the boot to coreelec is not listed that means firmware is just single boot (there are 2 versions single and dualboot)

Thanks for replying. I think the firmware is just single boot since there are no other options but Android.
I’ve already downloaded the dual boot firmware from the official website. It’s an image file but I have no idea how to install it on the device.
How did you install yours?

I use windows and have no knowledge about Mac. If you have downloaded the dualboot firmware you will find instructions about how to install it the folder.