[s922x] UGOOS AM6


I just ordered this (I also have a brand new Odroid N2 4GB) but wanted to compare the WiFi between these and see which one to keep, as I don’t want to use Android I wonder if anyone tried this on this box and got it to work? thanks

ceemmc works on this box.
I use dual boot on this system for test reasons

thank you, about cemmc, do I do it within CoreElec or Windows PC?

All info available in instruction
Answer on your question is in What is needed section
You need to install CE on SD/USB first (within CE)…

I noticed there is two dtb’s for Ugoos AM6, does it matter which one I choose?

You can check in terminal application in Android or CE if you have rev. a or rev. b. Difference is Cores speeds.
cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep Serial
If it starts with 290b then rev.b, if 290a then rev a.
In any case you can start CE with rev.a for both revisions, check via ssh a serial and change dtb to another if required.

thanks, it was 290a, which one is “better”? anyway, I have now booted to latest nightly CE with SD card, what’s next? :slight_smile:

edit: does it take time to boot to start screen? it’s seems to bootloop atm. :slight_smile:

Did you copy g12b_s922x_ugoos_am6_rev_a.dtb to root of sd card and renamed it to dtb.img?
If you have big sd card it will take some time to resize it… but not so much time.
new devices are only a revision… b just have better core speeds.

so I tried with previous nightly and now it worked better, I’m inside CE now. :slight_smile: how do I start the ceemmc tool?

read an instruction fully (hint in the end of it :wink: )

you mean this? :joy:

Any support request for not official supported devices will be ignored.

yes :slight_smile: , but it works for this box

Just out of curiosity; why go for the Ugoos box when the Odroid N2 2gb is just €60 (€65 with the kit)?

yes but I just want to know how to start the tool, I guess using Putty? :slight_smile:

here there is a pdf instruction that includes how to connect…
via Putty ssh for example

because for us European citizens it’s not only €65 and I want a good WiFi chip which the Ugoos have also 2 external antennas does it even better, the N2 WiFi Module 5A was CRAP it even buffered 1080p videos, sure I can use Ethernet but I prefer using my devices wireless, if the Nvidia Shield can playback my 4K files wireless then the Ugoos should too. :slight_smile:

thank you! :slight_smile:

wow that was easy, now the AM6 is running CE from eMMC, nice! :slight_smile:

OK, I just wanted to know about your thoughts. I do also live in Europe, and the tolls/fees hurts a bit of course. But I think it is still cheaper than the Ugoos, as is. But if the wifi is a dealbreaker I will not continue to argue with you. :slight_smile:

Me personally wouldn’t dream to connect these boxes wirelessly though, despite that I have a rather mature Ubiquiti network. But it is okay to not agree. :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your success! I’m new to this forum and a AM6 owner who wants to install CE on it. I have read the documents and feel confident in proceeding except for the major problem of not knowing where to obtain .img.gz file and device tree. I would greatly appreciate some directions to the files. Thanks