Ugoos X4 Pro with Amlogic S905X4

Thanks for the feedback guys.

What I really need to know is whether the Ugoos X4 Pro 4/32GB box will do the job for me. So I need the current CE 19.5 rc2 to work with such a box with fully working WiFi and BT drivers and Gigabit LAN port in the bespoke DTB file I see available. As a pensioner I cannot afford to buy another next to useless box like the Tanix X4 which at least has Android 11 and works with the latest Berliner Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall (DCH) V3.x Android subscription app with full immersive ATMOS audio too :slight_smile:

So can I order a Ugoos X4 Pro 4/32GB box with a good degree of confidence ? Also can someone tell me whether it has it an indicator LED to show when it is on and running, which I find very useful ?? Wish it had a front panel display like the Tanix X4 and many other cheaper boxes.

I love the GT King box but it only has a non ungradable Android 9 OS which will not work for my DCH latest V 3.x app. However I know from friends who have one I have helped set up and playing around with one on loan here that this is a great fast reliable box in CE. The new GT King Mk II with Android 11 is sadly way way too expensive and is also still awaiting CE support too of course. So the Ugoos X4 pro at around 80 pounds sterling including free shipping from Alliexpress seems a good affordable choice.

BTW like most folk here I run CE from a fast Sandisk Ultra 32GB 120 MB/s SD card which I find is plenty fast enough, and rather than from messing around with installing CE to internal memory.

Due to the ongoing chip crisis, you can’t be sure of anything, unless you try it out with the device right in front of you. This is the cold, hard truth nowadays.

I hate my Uoogs X4, and will donate it to you (otherwise it will be tossed into my junk box). It is only the 2/16 model, I screwed up when ordering it.
I can’t find a way to PM you on this forum.

What is the appeal to dual booting Android and CE when most devices have multiple HDMI ports? The Ugoos X4 is about the same prices as the N2+ and a Google approved Android box with L1 and then they can both run from emmc.

Thanks a lot but I live in Thailand and the postage would be quite horrific. Anyway I need a 4/32GB model but appreciate your kind offer clarkss12.

As to dual booting well to be honest I despise Android and hardly ever use it as it is IMHO unfit for purpose having to switch from remote to mouse and just so kludgy and awful, and yes I know my box does not have Android TV but a modified mobile phone OS. I would not entertain an Android phone either to be honest and love my now old iPhone 6+

I love CoreELEC KODI and use that almost exclusively. The only exception is for the Digital Concert Hall app which I have no choice but to run from Android 11 with full ATMOS immersive audio, as no KODI addon available. The LG Smart TV app will not run with ATMOS audio as just freezes when I try. The developers of the app know about this and are working on it.

Hmm still has not answered my questions. I really cannot afford to buy another box that is useless to me. Such a shame that my favourite box the GT King cannot be upgraded to Android 11 which I need for the DCH app as mentioned above.

Also I see the Odroid N2+ is about twice the price of the Ugoos X4 Pro 4/32 model at Alliexpress. So I see no point in paying out that much money when I really don’t use Android much at all and it is easy to reboot to Android on the single HDMI port boxes. Not using Android I really try to avoid Goggle support at all times as I am not a lover of them at all as I find them corrupt to be honest.

I simply love CoreELEC KODI as it is to me a million times better than Android as a media player and for what I want from a streaming box

I would rather pay a similar price to the N2+ for the new Beelink GT Link ll once the CE support is available soon for the new cpu. Also better still Beelink support CoreELEC too which for me is much more important than Google support. But again that is just too much for me to pay. The X4 Pro 4/32GB at about 80 UK pounds with free shipping from Alliexpress is just about my limit if it works fully with CoreELEC 19.5 rc2 and later.

Does anyone here know when CoreELEC will support the new Beelink GT King Mkll with the new 8 core Amlogic processor. Yes it is expensive but the spec looks incredible and I might instead of getting the Ugoos save up for the new GT King ll I have always loved Beelink boxes. Difficult decision so feedback appreciated. I would just get a much cheaper GT King WIFI 6 Mk l box now if only it had Android 11 needed for my DCH app with ATMOS.

Beelink GT King II is same SoC than Khadas VIM4 and both will be supported by new upcoming CoreELEC project Amlogic-ne. It’s quite finished to have a basic experience. But still a lot of work is todo. We are right now at the finish line and a public release should happen soon.

Thanks very much Portische and thansk to all theCoreELEC developers who make all this fantastic stuff possible.

Sounds like I should save up to buy a new GT King Mk ll. I think I will just put up with my Tanix X4 with its slow 100Mbps LAN for now and my much better Tanix TX5 Deluxe X3 box with it’s full gigabit LAN.

We have done no benchmark about these new SoCs.
But right now it’s fully working, gigabit LAn, wifi, but and all media formats. We still have some issues with passthrough on T7 as it uses a new HDMI 2.1 driver.

Thanks and exciting news indeed. I would love to get one right now and help with testing but money is short ATM. I would of course need the pass through to be working first so as soon as this is confirmed okay and a working test build is available I will try to go without eating to buy one LOL. I am way overweight anyway so it will do me good :slight_smile:

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I would be interested in your box and can pay the shipping if it’s going to go to the garbage. I am not allowed to PM, but I can write you my email in this topic if you’d like. Thanks

Are you located in the United States? This can be very doable.

I’m in Canada… USPS First Class to Canada is pretty inexpensive though.

Go to the freaktab forum and PM me. clarkss12

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Is there any Google certified box with L1 that cam boot CE from micro SD card? I would he interested to know if it exist

Surprisingly, YES.
I could not believe it was possible, but Flette found one that did. The Mecool KM1 Deluxe has been verified by him and I, that CE dual boots on that device.
Mecool KM1 Deluxe ATV Google Certified Android 10 TV Box Amlogic S905X3 Android TV, Prime Video 4K, Dual Wifi Set Top Box 2G 16G

That thread was a bit confusing to me. Does CE work fully on that box and have you found 2G/16G adequate to play media from the LAN if no add-ons are used?


I don’t think CE support BT on any S905x4 devices.

One of the confusions in reviews like this are the mix of Android use and CE use. There are have been a lot of general complaints with Kodi on Android with 8GB or less storage so the 16GB emmc helps there. Since CE doesn’t currently use emmc, right now internal storage isn’t a issue.

2GB is pretty good RAM, you say no addons but if you run a PVR backend, Emby or Jellyfin, Docker etc you might want more.

Ugoos appears to be the best CE supported S905x4 device if you want official vendor supported Android firmware updates. Of course you still have to aware that there clones out there.

What I wanted to hear was if the DDR4 memory made things noticeably faster. Now that Team CE added JL2xxx support for cheaper devices with 4GB RAM this would probably be the big reason for going with the Ugoos.

That’s not right, Ugoos X4 and Buzztv X5 (on -ng) have fully working BT. This are only two examples.