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I had ‘Show Update Notifications’ turned off on the box of a family member (my mother). I was therefore rather surprised when during the middle of a vacation I received a call from my mother telling me that Corelec had told her that an update was available and that she had hit the ‘Yes’ button. Now she was suffering from constant system freezes when changing channels … major crisis in the house !!!

I solved the problem by downgrading back to 9.2.0 and adding a firewall rule (blocking Corelec from finding updates). However I would appreciate if system options (Show Update Notifications) would actually do what they say and I get to choose the rollout of new versions at family members AFTER I have been able to test that their particular updated system configuration is still stable.

Yes, this has been reported by many users already.
Unfortunately, I don’t think devs are going to look at this, or they think it’s best behaviour.
I too have solved it in some cases by applying a firewall rule which prevents finding the update, but IMHO it would really be nice for stable builds to honour this setting.

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I tend to agree with netbuild and Atreyu on update checks.

While I understand the devs’ reasoning to have everyone on the latest version for better support (and let’s never forget they are doing this for free), many people have given CE boxes to older relatives who don’t have the slightest idea about how these things work so not being able to turn off update checks will lead to trouble for them, then people will find solutions like blocking CE updates on their router and likely stay on the outdated version for much longer so they don’t have to reconfigure their router each time.

IMHO it’d be better to go for a solution where support is only provided for boxes running the latest stable version and people running previous versions are on their own until they update.

Even ‘older relatives’ would understand a simple instruction not to say yes to prompted updates, so it’s not really a problem in such circumstances and way simpler than re configuring routers.

They’ll say yes so they can get rid of the prompt popping up each time they turn on their box.

EDIT: obviously the routers aren’t reconfigured by the older folks but by the people who gave them the boxes in the first place.

Well, I dont think so… My old parents have sometimes trouble recognize the right even button on remote, they could easilly press wrong in dark…

Usually, they reports to me when some popup (CE/Windows/whatever) pops on them (of course they doesnt understand english, so for they its a bit scary also - imageine, you dont know how to operate with system, you know some apps, but you know the viruses exist. And the popup shows you some message…), and I tried to reach help remotelly.

But when they didnt catch me, they usually “try” some option and wait for my help later. And I can imagine they click on something by mistake, when it pops out right before they want to confirm something else :slight_smile:

We will be there in next XX years I guess, so… :slight_smile:

So they could make all manner of mistakes with config etc then that could cause many a support issue.

I just don’t see any validity in the arguments being put forward for disabling a simple prompt with just 2 plain choices.

I just put my 2c to the “Even ‘older relatives’ would understand”, which I know often isnt the case… I am “IT” and know a bit english, but I have feelings for people which doesnt, and yet, usually are far better presons than I :smiley:

This has been covered many times before.

If you have updates set to automatic and show update notifications set to off then you will not receive any notification.

If you have updates set to manual then you will always receive notifications, that is how it works.

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