USB DAC support

Hello. I have USB DAC SMSL IDEA.

Is possible work that DAC in CoreElec?
It works on windows and android.

I am using CoreElec and a VIM3 connected to my Topping D50s DAC via USB. Works perfectly.

Quick check:
FiiO X3 in DAC mode: works
FiiO USB DAC E17: works

I think all USB DAC’s that report via plug and play work out of the box. Just select in Kodi settings > system > audio


In system > audio i see only this

Try using ssh and dmesg to see if the usb dac is recognized at a system level.
Did you try rebooting after inserting the USB, also did you try all USB ports.
Whats the DAC make and Model.

Personally I have never had a USB DAC not get automatically recognized.


Your DAC is not recognized - must be a non Plug&Play DAC

Dont recognize DAC. I try all USB ports.

Provide logs and ask the devs for support, maybe they can fix it.
Or try another DAC, I never heard about SMSL IDEA DAC

It is China product.

Sorry, I dont know how.

I found that the DAC is broken. Windows does not detect it either.