USB don't work

I have x2 pro (Amlogic S905X2 4GB/32GB) with CoreELEC installed on a micro sd.

On CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-nightly_20191126-Generic.img.gz everything works fine, except USB ports. On Android 9.0 USB ports work.

Thanks in advance.

I think this device needs a device tree to be submitted by owners ??
Seen another owner with this usb issue.

I have some issues with my ugoos x2 pro Box.
USB ports (usb2 and usb3) don’t work in CE and in TWRP.
It works if box start with pressing reset button and it don’t work after first restart.

Problem: there is no voltage, currant in USB port. USB port didn’t start.

Usb works fine in original android 9 ROM and custom sasvlad android tv ROM.

Can support of CE help for user with ugoos x2 pro Box?

Sorry but it don’t work.
CE can start just from SDcard because usb ports don’t work under boot process.
It look out, just android can start USB port and CE or boot process can not.

Could you check once again with reset button(1st time)and usb stick(or different usb stick if available)?
We tested this solution with pro box user and it works for him(if not to use sd card for start)

Also try different usb ports for starts if it doesn’t start…

Do I understand good?
My steps should be this:

  1. Power adapter out of box
  2. Micro SD card out of box
  3. Prepared USB with CE in USB port
  4. Start box with reset button
  5. CE install
  6. Box restart
    And USB work for ever
    I will make and test this

Looks like correct plan :slight_smile:
And please confirm or reject this plan after testing, because as I said it was tested on one user only


thanks for the help.
It´s working.
Now I have always USB port under CE!

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I got the same problem. GT1mini (Amlogic S905X2 4GB/32GB) with CoreELEC 9.2.1 installed on a micro sd, USB3.0 ports work ,but USB2.0 do not work.
On Android 9.0 ,Both USB ports work.

Thanks for your help.
But even it work ,It will Occupy a USB for ever.
It’s embarrassing,My GT1mini has a usb2.0 and a usb3.0 . If the ce occupy one ,and the keyboard/mouse occupy the other one ,than there is no extra for my mobil harddisk.

GT1 mini - the same problem

Same problem for all boxes that have only 2 USB ports.
The simplest solution is to get a cheep 3 port USB hub like this one

Tks,It is realy helpful :joy:
But i think it will be resolved in the next release。
It didn’t have such a problem in the last version (9.2.0 )。But I can’t reuse this version because my GT1mini has just been repaired,The hardware inside seems to have been changed。
And I am sure ,My origanal GT1mini use 9.2.0 has no such problem。

Still the same. Just bought a Ugoos X2 Cube.

After reset with the sd card in and keyboard in the USB3 the keybaord works.
Did a lot of setup and after the first reboot its no power from the usb.
Cant navigate with CEC either.

I use the latest version 9.2.2 so no fix yet i guess?

The solution is the same as before: