Use whole space of internal memory?

I found this how to:

I want to use my internal memory this way. Right now I run CE from SD Card and have LE on internal memory.
Unfortunately, I just have 4.7 of my 8 GB internal memory left for storage.
The used space of the storage partition on my 32 GB SD card is like 5.5 GB after a cleanup.

Is there any way to ditch the rest of the internal memory and just have one storage partition that is bigger?

No unfortunately we have tried this in the past and it caused a whole heap of problems for people installed to internal when we changed the partition layout.

A second problem is that deleting the Android partitions caused some boxes to refuse to boot.

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Thx for the quick reply. That’s unfortunate… I still wonder where the 5.5 GB come from…

Is there a way to just keep all the settings, library and watched/unwatched stuff and clear the rest?
I have the default xbmc/kodi backup addon doing regular backups but I don’t really know what exactly is backed up. I guess I could do a hard reset and restore the backup from the addon…

Take a look at the thumbnail folder and at artist slideshow folder in userdata. Had more than 1 GB on my device

I guess you need a device with a bigger internal memory or to boot from external.

Be aware, if you ‘hard’ reset from within CoreElec while sharing internal storage, you will corrupt the Android setup (I found out the hard way):weary: Maybe not such a concern with this particular setup, more something that others should understand :wink:

There are several auto maintenance addons around that can keep data trimmed regularly

Thx for the info. The plan was to do it beforehand, so I can free up enough space to copy storage to internal storage. Some time back I installed some emulators and addons from the website freaktab, they called it bolt ons. Maybe this also filled up some space, now I dont use them and read that kodi will have them integrated and it will be useable with retroplayer.

…But yeah, gets off topic now. Question is answered + I got valuable additional info.

I like this seperate approach here so far.
Let us know in the news section if you decide to take donations!

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