Vim3l coreelec 9.2.2 buffering

My vim3l running 9.2.2 buffers every 5-10 minutes when watching 4k, hdr hevc files. I have confirmed that it is not a network bandwidth issue using iperf.

Anyone have a solution?

You haven’t said if your using WiFi or ethernet and whether your using Samba or NFS?

The vim3l is connected via ethernet port directly to my switch (ubiquiti 48 Pro poe gen 2). The plex server is on a separate physical machine (i7 7700k) and connected at 10 gigabit speeds to the same switch (sfp+). All files are hosted on a separate physical freenas server connected at 10 gigabit by sfp+. Iperf shows 1.2GB/s between plex server and freenas as expected with smb at 600MB/s.

The file is a hevc and I have enabled both of the options that you mention.

Edit: the buffering occurs when using kodi, not plex (plex doesn’t work at all). Freenas is mounted via smb on the movies section. Is it possible to speed test the ethernet connection?

@anon88919003 thanks for your response. Please see the post above for my network setup. I am using SMB shares.

The vim3l is connected via ethernet at gigabit speed to the switch. The freenas is connected to the sfp+ port at 10Gb to the switch. An iperf3 gives over 900Mbit.

Last night I watched a 1080p film and it did not buffer. Seems to be exclusive to 4k, hdr hevc files.

I will follow the instructions to produce logs as @kostaman posted. Thanks guys.

@kostaman @anon88919003 log files are here: I uploaded right after it buffered during a 4k, hdr hevc

I’ve no idea what that log means using the link you supplied…

Reboot your device
ssh into your device
Play a file that Buffers for a few seconds then

Execute Command


Post the link (shown in your SSH terminal session) to the log here.

OK @kostaman I’ll try the ssh method. I used the method outlined in the picture above to generate the previous link.

O not 0

Oops, my mistake!

Glad that it works now. Let me know if you find anything.

Looks like a lot of avahi-daemon “not fitting in legacy packet, dropping” errors at the point of buffering. That would alude to something network related from my limited knowledge. Any thoughts?

@kostaman @anon88919003

Any ideas @kostaman @anon88919003?

I’m going to install android image to see if I can replicate on the same files.

Android seems to be quite buggy still and doesn’t play audio properly, nor does it change to the correct resolution/hdr/refresh rate.

I’ll try a clean install of coreelec

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