What media player do you own?


Ki pro (2gb ddr4, dvb, s905D, 16gb ROM) and very happy with him.

Then I have a mk808b plus that gave me a good performance until I change it for the ki. Now I use it as a tvheadend client.


VIM2 with dTV box running CE 8.90.2, modified with heatsink and 12V fan running at 5V. Very silent and average temp of 40C.
M8S S812 box running an old JAVIS Libreelec version, cannot upgrade but works OK as a secondary client.
RPi2 running Libreelec 8.2.5, works fine mostly and more than adequate for its bedroom duty running a TVH client.



Thank you!
Have seen that already and tested it. Didn’t work correctly.
But: I just updated to Coreelec 8.90.2 and everything works fine again :slight_smile:


Danke / Thank you!
Have seen that already and tested it. Didn’t work correctly.
But: I just updated to Coreelec 8.90.2 and everything works fine again :slight_smile:


Try to stay on Topic Shoog, We’re talking about Alpha 9.0 CE builds here :thinking:
(ie S9xx devices :wink:)


Apple TV 4, 64GB
Minix NEO U1 dual boot with latest CoreElec - Estuary MOD2 (works great)
Amiko Alien 2 (DVB-C/T/T2/S/ enigma2) with OpenATV 6.2 or VIXproject…

I’m thinking about replacing the enigma box with K3 Pro android box. Because there is just too much hassle with settings in Enigma box. Is there anyone here who switched from enigma to K3 Pro box? I would like to know if it’s worth it. cheers.


*Removed (personal attack, off topic)
Look at the thread title and consider your folly, notice whats missing.

If you stuck to actually been helpful you would get on a lot better.



Have you managed to get CoreELEC to run on you MXQ Pro S905? If so, can you please provide information on which .dtb file you use?


I’m sorry, I’ve not yet tried it on the MXQ Pro which is with a friend at the moment. I’ve only tried it on my mecool Kii pro onn which it seems to work pretty well.


Good point. :zipper_mouth_face::rofl:

I appreciate your concern but, I’m getting on fine thanks :wink:


OK. But, please do let us know if you manage to get it working on your MXQ Pro unit. When I tried LE 8.9.x a while back with all the .dtb files, it won’t boot on my MXQ Pro.


I’ve had a few over the last few years. Luckily after I am through playing with them I have plenty of friends to sell them to (* - still have). :
Beelink MXIII Plus*
MXQ Pro+
Mini M8S II
Beelink Mini MXIII II
Beelink M18
Abox A2*
Abox A1 Max*
Mecool M8S Pro+*
Raspberry Pi 2
M9S Pro S912 (returned faulty SD card reader)
S812 boxes are running on either Demetris or balbes150 versions of LE, mainly to stream Plex or music.
S905’s are all on CE now and running the best they ever have.
Maybe a couple more I can’t remember.
Looking for an S912 2g box that isn’t way overpriced compared to S905. The Beelink GT1 I bought for $49 CAD when it first came out.


Hi. I have WetekPlay2.


Wetek Play 2 (S905)
H96 Pro+ 2/16 (S912)

Both running CoreELEC :wink:


Hi, i have the Minix U1 :wink:


Hi, I’ve Beelink GT1 Ultimate (S912)


I have 3 Odriod C2 boxes which I love. 1 of them just died :frowning: is there anything better now or is it still one of the best for coreelec? I want to keep running core because all my other boxes do.



If you require Gbit then yes otherwise it would be the LePotato, you are future-proof’d with either device.


Thanks. Ever use the Libre Computer Board ROC-RK3328-CC says it has 4gb ram and can do x265.


I have one, and we don’t do CoreELEC builds for Rockchip.
HEVC is supported, but it doesn’t work right. Neither does H264. At least in the build I made (same as equivalent LE build). It does have 4GB of RAM, but you don’t need that much for CE, 2GB works just fine. It does have a proper 1Gbit ethernet implementation though.