Which Github file for MXQ pro S 2GB Leelbox?

I have an MXQ Pro S 2Gb Android Box (Leebox ) and I want to install CoreElec. I have no idea which file I should use! There are several files on Github, but none for my S905X chip.
Can anyone tell me which file I need to download to install to my box?
Does the file “CoreELEC-S905.arm-8.95.7-S905.img.gz” also fit for my ox, eaven if my box has the S905X Chip and that file might be only for the S905 chip?

My Box:
" Android 8.1 TV Box 2GB RAM+16GB ROM mit Voice Fernbedienung superpow MXQ PRO S Quad-Core Box BT 4.0 / 4K / 3D HD / H.265 /LAN 100/2.4G WiFi Smart TV Box"


Use correct Device Tree as in the how to.