Working USB Wifi/Ethernet adapters for CoreELEC


@TheCoolest: Wow, that’s impressive! I just ordered one.


Thank you for the above information.

TBH, that is what I would expect when connecting such a gigabit USBNet dongle to a USB2 port. Not long ago, I bought a Kebidumei 100Mbps Micro USB 2.0 RJ45 Network Adapter under US $2 and it has an ASIX AX8872b USBNET chip. I use it on my Seagate Dockstar with debian OS and it’s capable of pumping out 90+ Mbps (around 10 MBps data) up/down stream when tested using this Digirati F3 utility to an NFS drive on a Seagate GoFLEX Home.


For Ethernet I use TP-Link UE300
It works great.


I purchased the one mentioned by The Coolest but still had stuttering and buffering (even with adjustments via the advancedsettings.xml) when playing high bitrate 4k files.

After that I purchased the one from ugreen (with a different chipset) and it worked fine.

But in the end I switched boxes and went for a S912-box with Gbit LAN (and I am happy with it)


I ordered this one from Amazon and it works great:


Is the Realtek 8188 (RTL8188CUS) supported by CoreELEC?

I have a TX3 Pro which apparently has a 9082xs so I’m looking for a replacement and found this one dirt cheap on AliExpress so I’m wondering if it’ll work :slight_smile:.


I believe some work is being done on 9082xs for CE.
Maybe some dev has an update on the situation?


Can you login into your device and do a dmesg do dump out what WiFi chipset is detected for this WiFi adapter?


From his link to buy on Amazon it reads in product description to download wifi drivers
rtl8811AU .

@patsaindon has gone and posted results somewhere else Wifi issue with latest build 8.95.3

Support for rtl8821CU wifi driver