X96 MAX Plus 4gb + 32 gb will not boot off sd card stuck on boot screen, any ideas?

Any idea how to install Emuelec on a X96 Max Plus? Anyone else have it working?

Use forum search!

Where is the reset button on the X96 Max? I am having problems getting emuelec to boot, mine is stuck on the boot screen.

Stick a toothpick in the AV port. You’ll notice there’s a switch (quite deep inside).

For the record, I have similar problems with a recent X96 Max Plus 4G/32G/1000M. My box, though is a Q2, with a firmware 20201209-1446, look here for my report: Boot issue with X96 Max Plus Q2 4G/32G/1000M (stock firmware 20201209-1446)

Dont unzip the image. Burn the zip file you downloaded

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