X96S TV Stick Mini PC TV Box s905y2 cannot use DTB of s905x2

Then you should of bought your parents a supported box instead of an unsupported one :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

You don’t say :thinking: but it seems support is coming, so it’s not as bad. I see no problems on nightly.

It’s exciting news. Thank you for you.
and I am Sorry,my job did not work.

Does sleep and wake up work for you? Not sure, but as far as I remember, that was ok on nightly, after upgrade to stable I am unable to wake up. Power off/on with remote works fine though.

wake up is doesn’t work

Today I’ve tried to boot X96S from an SD card with either g12a_s905y2_2b.dtb or x96s_2g.dtb provided here, but it both cases the booting is stuck at the initial splash screen. What could be wrong, how can I debug or log? Thanks!

I’ve tried multiple different versions of generic and “ng” images - nothing works on my X96S. However, TWRP for s905x boots normally. Such a broad failure makes me to think the bootloader is incompatible with CoreELEC at all.

@TheCoolest latest stable still does not Include g12a_s905y2_xxx in device trees folder. Isn’t it supported still on stable Coreelec? Also no S905y2 in download options to choose.

Where can I get dtb suitable to latest stable CE version?

g12a_s905y2_2g.dtb  g12a_s905y2_4g.dtb

I see both files in latest 9.2.5

I installed stable generic img image on my sd and there’s no these files

Have you used -ng?

No, generic. Ng is not installable on sd, not using method mentioned in CE docs

S905y2 is Amlogic-ng

How to install ng on sdcard? That’s not installable image. Or should I get dtb from ng and put it to sd with generic installed

It’s this one: CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2.5-Generic.img.gz

You burn the Amlogic-ng generic img.gz to your boot media. After burning you place the correct dtb in COREELEC partition

Amlogic and Amlogic-ng are installed in the same exact way.
Amlogic builds are based on the older 3.14 kernel, and does not support the new SoCs. You must use Amlogic-ng builds for your device.

But ng is tar archive, not img to burn? Or I used wrong link. If I extract tar, many files is there, not img to burn

You must have used the wrong link because there’s definitely an image to burn.