Xoro HST260 DVB-T2/C Android dtb file to corelec dtb file


I just got an Xoro HST260 DVB-T2/C Amlogic 905D Box which is generally working fine, despite bluetooth and the dvb-t2/c tuner shows up but finds no channels (neither with tvheadend, nor with vdr, nor with w_scan)

I extraced the /dev/dtb partition, but my dtb tools are always complaining about a incorrect magic number

dtc -I dtb -O dts -o dts dtb.img
FATAL ERROR: Blob has incorrect magic number

Do I have to cut or convert the /dev/dtb partition image somewhat to decompile it?

(I’d like to attach the file, but as a new user I am not eglible yet for attaching files)

How can I recompile an android dtb to dts and back to a corelec dtb file again, so maybe everything works?

Thanks a lot for your help!


4920441xoro-hst260t2c-android-dtb.partition.img (256 KB)

Just to let you know that this may be too hard unless you are more knowledgeable than AFL
who ruled out tuner support for this box wayback then.

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Hi Kostaman,

Isn’t that a completely different box? It looks different - I don’t own the Satellite one so I cannot look at the hardware itself.
But the ‘funny’ thing is, that everything seems to be recognized and might work - despite the fact the tuning does not find a single DVB-T2 service… (even with my simple dipole antenna I get 5 services without problem with the android app on the same device)

I think that’s strange… might be only a GPIO which has to be set to high to “enable Tuner” or “enable dmux” or so…

Today I got a couple of minutes to open the case (it even has an unmentioned card reader…) And the Tuner chip and the Demuxer should be exactly what it detected by corelec… Maybe its really only one or some GPIOs wrongly attached or a missing module parameter or something…



Hi again,

after fiddling a bit with binwalk and dtc again I managed to extract the actual dtb file and decompile it to at dts file:

xoro-HST260T2C.dts (49.7 KB)

Next task is to get it somehow in a format in which corelec is happy with the dtb file…

Simply compiling it with the dtc tool does not owrk…

dtc -O dtb -o dtb.img xoro-HST260T2C.dts

The device hangs at the AMlogic Bootlogo before anything else can appear :frowning:

BUT, when I compare the dts file from the CorelecSources and the xoro dts file, there are some differences according to the dvb part (Left is Xoro android dts, right is gxl_p231_2g_dvb.dts:



What command exactly did you use in binwalk to extract the file?
How did you find the headers?

I don’t know for sure, but something like

binwalk --dd=".*" xoro-hst260t2c-android-dtb.partition.img 
binwalk -e -c xoro-hst260t2c-android-dtb.partition.img 

would it have been… after that I got the partitions named after the memory region they startet in and were easy to mount or view.