9.0.0 Discussion


I’ve updated Kodi to 18.1 and inputstream.adaptive to 2.3.15. You can use tonights nightly to test it.


Great! Thank you!


Entware package manager has been mentioned as new feature, it’s missing for me though. Any tip?


Have you read the installation notes? What is Entware and How to Install/Uninstall it?


There will not be a 18.1 RC1 release.


18.1 has been tagged, so there will not be any RC releases.


Kodi 18.1 final is already included in the latest nightly (20190217)


Yes, I’ve noticed. There are no binary addon feeds inside for arm (meson6), But I’ve just
build to test the vfd driver on arm. By the way the “CoreElec meson6 custom image” for g02ref/g18_th2 works fine video/tv ok, … all ok. I’m just playing around :slight_smile:

see picture:
Google Photos


That is pretty cool. What box do you have? And did you manage to get the VFD to work?


Hello everyone, I noticed that with the latest version, on my Wetek Play2, the channel change has slowed down, and even the video quality has worsened. With the version I had before, the 8.9.1, the channel change was fast and even the quality seemed to me better. Is it possible to downgrade?


It is a Videostrong vsip0166. The openvdf.ko was loaded. But I have to config.


Personally I’m not against meson6 but we don’t have the resources to support it. But community builds are very welcome.


I can test on s805 MXQ if you can share with me.


I’ll do later. Still at work…


First post here, I would like to say thank you to all developers having contributed to this release!

Happy to report that Coreelec 9.00 works fine on my Bqeel m9cmax box. I upgraded directly from Kazaq’s 8.x Libreelec build using a USB stick. Important to me was also that installtointernal worked as it did earlier. Netflix needed the usual massage, reinstalls and reboots but finally also started working. Great job gentlemen!


I have a mk808b plus, if you need another tester (use the same build as the mxq s805)


@emanuel Please open a separate thread for your community build.
@MasterJey @SamWilson


I have done a clean installation of the real 9.0 and I notice a slowdown during navigation in the various menus and settings, while when I start playing a TV channel and I try to navigate in the other settings becomes fluid. Regarding the channel change and the start of build 8.99.1 the channel change was fast with CAT drivers, now it is much slower. Also to start it puts a few more seconds

I have done a clean installation, the scan works and I receive the channels, but I know that the channel change and the tuning on a channel is slower. Tested with both CAT and non-CAT drivers

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In CE 9.0 channel zapping is slowdown 400 msec to allow better A/V sync at start. There was A/V sync issue at lot of channels. I decided for more stable zapping.
You can try in TVH predictive tuning. With 2 tuners is as double clutch gearbox. Next channel is tunig during current channel start-up.