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Which drivers should I use?


This fix is in Kodi and is common for live TV playback.


Thanks, too bad.
I hope you will consider it, so much better than the Android OS.
Lots of overhead for me.


Hi, i have box Mecool M8S Pro Plus and try amremote with two files remote.conf won’t run controller ir of my box, put in root and .config but not run.

The box reboot automatically in first but not run fine.


(Sorry my bad English)


Well then your remote.conf might be wrong.
Please attach


I have lost HDMI display picture after update to 9.0 on my projector. On previous verison I have no problem.
I tested the box on the TV and it work OK so I assume its problem tht my projector cant detect HDMI signal anymore, can you tell me how to switch to previous version “type” of signal?

I have 8 years old 720p projector…

Thank you.



I extracted file from ROM android running in my box, but I found it one file run fine to me.

thank you very much

Coreelec Awesome


setting mode to 4:2:2 fixed my problem


Great great build works perfect. Thx for you all


Whats up with 9.0.1 Stable version on Download page?


Detailed info will be soon. A list of latest changes you can always see on github or on nightly build page.

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I have problems with Youtube videos, which i send to Kodi with KassiShare and PlaytoKodi. Sometimes the video stops while the audio plays along. Didnt have this problem before. At first i upgraded to version 9, but then i reinstalled it, but the problem remains.

Aynone else with this problem?


Is there a problem with the open source DVB drivers and DVB-T2? I have everything working nicely with DVB-S & T however the channels I need to complete the lineup are T2. Device Magicsee C400 plus.


Sorry Devs this looks like a TVheadend Mux issue. I managed to get a few of the missing channels by manually adding the mux. So for now I’ll assume missing or bad muxes are to blame for the missing HD T2 channels.


Well it seems that I got the channels I was after in SD however it would appear that all T2 HD channels aren’t being picked up.


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