Amlogic Color Space / Depth information addon

After just setting up my new N2 I wanted an easy way to see exactly what color depth, space and resolutions files were being played back at as well as a way to check if HDR was enabled, so I knocked together this simple script and Estuary skin mod to fetch and display the information.

I’m guessing this should also work on other Amlogic boxes S905/S912.

Somebody else might find it useful so here it is, use at your own risk.

NOTE:- As of devel-1555851841 this functionality is now directly built into CoreELEC and as such you can now safely uninstall both script.amlogic.colorformat and the modified Estuary skin.

Additional modded skin files.

Arctic Zephyr 2: DialogPlayerProcessInfo.xml (8.8 KB)
Embuary-Leia: DialogPlayerProcessInfo.xml (11.4 KB)
Estuary MOD v2: DialogPlayerProcessInfo.xml (17.0 KB)
Confluence (credit: JimmyS): DialogPlayerProcessInfo.xml & resource.language.en_gb/strings.po
Aeon Nox 5: SiLVO (credit: ukmark62): DialogPlayerProcessInfo.xml (10.2 KB)
Grid: DialogPlayerProcessInfo.xml (6.9 KB)


I like this a lot. Can you post what changes you’ve made to the skin?

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Great, I’ve been waiting for something like that for a long time. It would be great if you are native to Kodi!

Yep, the only change is DialogPlayerProcessInfo.xml

DialogPlayerProcessInfo.xml (10.6 KB)

It runs the script in the windows < onload > and then has access to the following new info labels:


This is the beauty of Kodi… If something doesn’t exist there’s a good chance you can add it yourself :slight_smile:

Great. I just replace “DialogPlayerProcessInfo.xml” in my own skin, and it should work ?

Umm… You can try it but your skin might have a completely different DialogPlayProcessInfo setup to Estuarys.

The script can be used with any skin but it’s up to the skin creator to implement the new Info Labels. As this is unique to Amlogic hardware I don’t think many skin creators will do this.

I use a modified version of original Estuary, and just looked at the differences. I think it should work OK…

If it’s an Estuary skin then it should work fine.

I like it very much. I just need to use it with Estuary MOD skin

Just tried it, but it does not work…
Will try with your skin.

Edit: it does not work with your 20.0.22 verssion either :wink:

Certainly, but video information could be standard on a media player. Maybe you could suggest your script to the Kodi team?

Should the folder “Resources” in your addon be empty, is that OK ?

Yep, I just forgot to remove it, the original post has been updated the script is now on github.

Are you sure the script is installed correctly and enabled? Did you do an install from zip or did you just copy the script into the addon directory? If you just copied it then you will need to go to the addon and enable it.

Version from Github, although different also does not work for me.

Are there any errors in the kodi log?

Installed from .zip, both versions. I don’t see the addon anywhere, although it’s in its addon folder.
Did not look for any errors, will invastigate.

Edit: checked and the script is running, no errors in Kodi log…

that’s great, I use estuary mod v2 skin too.

It’s should be under add-ons / program add-ons (red circle)

If it’s not there then go to the blue circled icon then “My add-ons” then “Program add-ons” and look if it’s in the list and has a tick next to it, not a cross. If it’s got a cross like the picture then click on it and select “Enable”

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