Amlogic-ng on S905x, S912 also?


In another post (which I cannot find anymore) one dev said that a public testing of amlogic-ng is about to start.

It will support for sure S905/x, but what about S912?
I know that it would require an update libhybris matching the new kernel, but maybe it is feasible?

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@cdu13a can better answer your question.
I am expecting the same as quoted here in this topic.

is there any ng test build (funhouse or nightly) for gxm_q200_k3_pro / S912, yet?

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Welcome to CE

There will be a new post when NG is released for s912.

A lot of work still needed for GXL(S905X/S905D/S905W) before anything is released for GXM(S912) and GXBB(S905) devices.

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Do you have any news about S912?

Thanks. Would possible add support to s912?

Sorry, but when will that be (S912) ?

This is the topic related to this question @gyzszabo @atomizasser.
There’s no ETA for this and it’s a hard work where there’s no certainty of making an usable image in the end.


Thanks to move to correct thread.
Sorry to answer in wrong thread, my intention was only to know the status of port to s912.
With you words i can understand that a functional image is still far to get.

Long time pass since i took look on forum, and in the end we can expect ng on s912 box, maybe this will finally correct my hdr colors wash out on my samsung 65ru7402 tv

Not likely to happen any time soon.
S905X works, kind of ok.
It’s really best to get a newer device if you want ng ce.

I currently have S912 with 9.2 nightly build 20191204 installed and recall this was the last supported version for S912.
Now when going to then to the download page, I select S912 and it shows that 9.2.3 generic is supported. Should I install this or what is the best build to be running on S912?


Both stable and nightlies have been perfectly usable for S912 for a long time.

Try 9.2.3 stable and see what it does for you. It should be just fine.

Then try nightlies if you want to be at the cutting edge.

I personally run the nightlies and rarely have an issue but if you do find one, report it so that it can be fixed for the next release.

If in doubt then don’t forget that you can do a fresh install to an sd card/flash drive and test things from there without affecting your current setup.

There is no NG for the S912 and as has been said a few times, it may be a long time coming.

Video playback and general stability is better on S912 running 9.2.3


after amlogic-ng for GXL …
when start ng for GXM?

Most likely never!


I’m happily running coreelec on a S912 box, and I’ve just read in another topic that Kodi 19 won’t probably be supported on kernel 3.19 . The news puts amlogic-ng for GXM in a quite different perspective…

I understand they are different architectures, but there is also to say that both GXL and GXM devices belong to the same amlogic generation!

+1 for amlogic-ng on GXM .

If you search for S912 or gxm a bit in the forum you’ll find it’s a totally different problem bringing -ng support to them.

Just out of curiosity (@cdu13a @Portisch): is there any a kind of working prototype of ng on GXM with newer libhybris? In the GXL ng thread it was mentioned that some updates should have followed the GXL ng build like that there already was some works done on GXM. My curiosity goes to technical details of this task, if you would like to share them with us :wink:

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