Best device for Coreelec in 2022/2023

Up to 1080p I’m afraid. CPU couldn’t handle 24fps 4k at all.

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Anyone know the best place in the UK to buy the ugoos am6b+ from?

Currently, only the S905X4 and T7 devices can support AV1 at 4K decoding and CoreELEC.

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Ive just received an TOX3 S905X4 from AliExpress $70au.
Playing all I can throw at it from my library.
Had to use NE 21 nighty that came out recently (20240404)with sc2 dtb that suits your mem and eth speed.

If the information from the internet is correct, this box is equipped with a µSD slot. Could you please run a test how fast the slot can read from a card ?

How do I do that?
I did see ~600Mb download once using (1.5 MB)
when I was connected to a good ISP.

Hi @Sunset1982 !
Did they finish implementing it ? Is it in CE 21.0-Omega ?
Asking cause I’m really itching to get my hands on a DV capable device ( the am6b plus in that case )

Yes, it is nearing perfection and should be stable.

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For those seeking the Am6b Plus, the AM6 Plus is also an option if available new or second-hand. The only difference is the slower Wi-Fi speed. B variant is Wi-Fi 6.

So where to buy it ? Is their own official store ? Is it legit ?

I’ve bought from there, no issues and arrived in the US in about 7 business days.

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im trying to setup the same but not having much luck.

What do you mean trying to set up the same. Same what, What setup?

Confirming it’s legit, received it one week later.