CEC Not Working On 9.2.7

Hi All,

I have an Samsung TV & Samsung Sound Bar. They both work 100% with 9.2.5.

I am not sure what i need to do to get this to work on 9.2.7.


Thanks so in a nutshell i need to do an Clean Install for 9.2.6 or 9.2.7 And then can i upgrade to 19.x ?

OR must i do an clean install for 19.x as well ?


Hi @Portisch

I have done an clean install of v9.2.7 on my N2 and CEC still does not work at all.


I had the same problem. Back to normal on Kodi 19 rc1.

Hi @rome1931

Did you do a clean install ?

Yes, clean install is recommended for Kodi 19.

I have just done this and it is not working with my Samsung Sound Bar.

CEC is dead :frowning:

Please stop bumping this thread, you can upload a debug log like I requested multiple times or I will close this topic, thank you.

No log, no problem!

Hi @Portisch

It is a bit hard if i cannot even connect or do anything once i am running the new version. It just sits on the main screen or the settings if a new build and that is it.

How am i meant to get the logs?

any help on this please.

Hi @Portisch

Finally - http://ix.io/2W3D

Thanks. I have even changed the cec.xml file to add 2100 or 2200 and it just changes back to 0.

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