CoreELEC 20.0-Nexus_alpha3 Discussion

Sorry, I do my best to please everyone. So I’m leaving to mention this bug once again on the -ne forum.


I’d like to report issues of CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-20.0-Nexus_nightly_20221031-Generic.img.gz.

I can burn into a micro sd card and boot successfully in my X96 X4 (S905X4, Android 11).
(I got vfd.conf and remote.conf for X96 X4 in other threads.)

  1. ceemmec -x doesn’t work.
Free space of 'partition CE_FLASH': 512MB
mount: mounting /dev/loop1 on /media/CE_STORAGE failed: Invalid argument
Error running pclose on cmd: `mount -o rw,loop /dev/loop1 /media/CE_STORAGE`. Error: 255
Error executing cmd 'mount -o rw,loop /dev/loop1 /media/CE_STORAGE'
Failed to mount 'CE_STORAGE' partition!
Failed to read free space of partition 'CE_STORAGE'!
Failed to create new partition table!
  1. installentware caused ssh disconnected.
    I run installentware via ssh console. I am unable to establish ssh connection after the installation.

True, looks like some locale issue. Type this command to fix it and then ssh will work again.

ssh DEVICE_IP_ADDRESS '/usr/bin/sed -e "s|^export LANG=\(.*\)|#export LANG=\1|g" -e "s|^export LC_ALL=\(.*\)|#export LC_ALL=\1|g" -i /opt/etc/profile'
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Hello. im on the latest nexus nightly and with the tidal2 add-on, if you double press any song it crashes kodi. it was like this on all matrix versions as well. it seems a pr was submitted to fix it but it was not accepted by kodi authors. can coreelec implement this so this constant crash can be fixed?

here is the link

Can the driver for Unisoc UWE5621DS be added?


Is CE Nexus Beta ready to be deployed? XBMC Milestone

We have this one:
which is probbably uwe5621. What does DS means?

It will be soon. As usually.

It should be a new chip from Unisoc

Or a custom chip for a Chinese TV box!

Here is the driver for Uwe5621ds

We currently have issue with the driver we already use where BT doesn’t work correctly. When this will be fixed I will look into this driver version.

Did you compile this driver of yours? Can you give the command? Maybe we are missing something…

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