Eminent EM7680

EM7680 is a S905X with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB flash.

It can start 19.3 ng and 9.2.8 ng, but after showing the menu, it dies and it reboots. It can run okay 9.2.8 (not ng).


Sure, start your car, then it works!

What you expect with such low information?

SDIO UART is above my league.

And it doesn’t get anywhere close to uploading logs.

Which Android do you have / had installed on your box? If it is <7 you need to upgrade to at least Android 7 if you want to have ng builds and 19.3 Kodi.

Are you the same person from the last post? CoreELEC Amlogic-ng(4.9 kernel) for S905X/S905D/S905W - FunHouse builds - #273 by brupje

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