Ethernet speed


Need some help.

  1. ethernet speed test using speedtest addon
    -with vero 4k+ download speed reached up to 400-500mbps
    -with odroid n2 (stable) only maxed up to 300+mbps

my router speed test is 500+mbps. All wired connections
Seems like the speed not optimized. Any ideas?

(Deleted flickering issues which not an N2 problem - its an addon problem)

Run an iperf3 test, N2 gets about 930-940 Mbps in both ways.

If you think like me that iperf3 test is too complicated, use this other way

That one measure your internet speed not your lan speed.

Sorry, its internet speed. It should be around 400-500mbps download speed which i got when using vero 4k+. All setup (cables etc) are the same, only changing the box. With n2, it seems like its capped or something not too sure.

Will also try iperf3 - will look for tutroial and test it out.

thanks all flr the replies.

iperf3 tested all good. 900+ speed both up and down. n2 as client and server.

any ideas what makes the internet speed slower

Are those sustained speeds, or max speeds? If it’s bursting (vs consistent), you might get higher test numbers, but not actually be getting data faster.

at first the speed increases and getting up to 900+ and maintains in that region throughout the test. Is this what you meant?

Now am sure that the ethernet port is not the issue. Just internet speed thats been bothering me, its like being capped to under 400mbps download speed.

Plus, with upnp turned on within the settings, the n2 usually needs to be restarted to get the upnp up. Without upnp up, internet download speed is only around 50-60+mbps (less than 100mbps).

Can you try to run UDP test with iperf3 again?

Also please do UPNP test after running these commands.

sysctl -w net.core.wmem_default=425984
sysctl -w net.core.rmem_default=425984
sysctl -w net.core.rmem_max=425984
sysctl -w net.core.wmem_max=425984

After writing the command without restarting the n2, internet download speed less than 100mbps.

After restarting, looks good. 400+mbps even after waking up from suspend. Before this, after waking up from suspend, most of the time, n2 restart is required to enable again the upnp.

Will monitor this for few days to see if the problem still there. Thanks

Also will update on the UDP test later.

iperf3 udp test - iperf3 -c ipaddress -u -b 1000m
what numbers should i be looking at?

after running the test

  1. n2 as server / laptop as client
    full speed

  2. laptop as server / n2 as client
    less than 20mbps

Would you let me know the MAC address of your ODROID-N2?

mac add - 00-1E-06-42-39-E7

Did i do the udp iperf3 correctly? Am very new to all of this.

Internet speed looking good now. 400+

Currently on nightly, after latest update, upnp behaves like before, most of the time after waking up from suspend, restarts required to re enable the upnp again.

Should i run the again these command again?

sysctl -w net.core.wmem_default=425984
sysctl -w net.core.rmem_default=425984
sysctl -w net.core.rmem_max=425984
sysctl -w net.core.wmem_max=425984

If you do not have a performance issue you don’t need to set them up again. But you can check what the default value after rebooting like sysctl net.core.wmem_default.

Performance good. Just that the upnp behaves like before.

The command for UDP itself is fine, I hope you have done UPNP test after applying the settings given earlier by me if it makes different. I’ve observed that improve the UDP performance with certain device.

The Speed Tester Add-On is inaccurate.

The best would be to have an addon (maybe in network tools) that would install speedtest cli version (official C++ version from Ookla, not the python that is also inaccurate).

With an Odroid C2 running either Armbian or Hardkernel’s Ubuntu, I get 940 Mbit/s both way (I have symmetrical Gbit/s internet) with official speedtest C++ from ookla apt Repo.
From an Odroid N2+ with CoreElec on the exact same network, the Speed Tester shows 500 Mbit/s down and 100 Mbit/s up… iPerf3 to the router shows 940 Mbit/s both ways.
I am sure that if I could run speedtest on CoreElec, I would get 940 Mbit/s as well.

Official speedtest cli:
Question : is it possible to install it on CoreElec? Probably by including it in its own addon or into the Network Utils Addon?

You can use forum search to find the answer :wink:

Thank you.
I certain will look into installing Entware, great initiative!

The speedtest-cli you are mentioning though is the python version, and it gave me bogus results when I used it on an Odroid C2.

Apparently, it is possible to download the official C++ compiled version binary from Ookla (outside of apt manager). I will try this as well.