Frame Rate issue

CE 9.2.5 ng S905X3 T95Max Plus

I get few frame rate issue with some netflix encoded movies but I see that it appear only with movie with original Frame rate 29.970 encoded to 23.976 fps which do not play smoothly or give me lag. This movies play fine with my Sony Android TV but not in CE.

I would like to know how to play this movie smoothly in CE

Thanks for help

Can you point to some of the videos you have issued with in Netflix addon?

Sorry the jerky trouble do not origin from my Netflix addon but with downloaded Netflix movie from my account (snowpiercer season 2, some) I got few one with bad encoding 29.970 encoded to 23.976 fps which play fine with my sony android but jerky on CE
With CE you clearly see the bad jerky encoding from 29 to 23 fps (m4ng VA) which is self effaced by my android sony. I’m looking how to tweak CE to erase this jerky …
I put the file on my 1fichier account (legal) here (link removed) you just have to close the warning about offer and download

I tried your downloaded example on my N2 with CE.9.2.6:
Frame rate: 23.976 (24000/1001) FPS
Original frame rate: 29.970 (30000/1001) FPS
It plays flawlessly, without any jerks, frame drops or frame skips, as does directly from NF stream at 1080p/23.976. So it is not a general CE issue, probably related only to your “S905X3 T95Max Plus” box.

this is my log you will see the error if you follow 2021-02-28 14:28:07.784

Can you describe the process you used to obtain this download? I want to test what happens in my setup.

Did you see any error in my log file, is there any way to tweak CE to avoid them ?

The file plays fine and it’s a full episode. I edited your post to remove the link.

I get same issue with s905x3 box here so no sorry this file do not play fine I got same jerky

Don’t worry linuxo they won’t help you because of some pirated content in your log… but clearly I get same jerky as you with this file so they will fix it and/or we have to try some in settings

Yes this is a log problem people think its normal to check all inside without any restraint and they judge you based on what they see but should NOT watch… I know that but I was too lazy to edit the content to hide the PRIVATE PART …

…no comment…

Don’t worry I have same trouble with this file and my S905X3

So you post a full episode of a Netflix tv series, that supposedly aren’t available for download and transfer to other devices and both of you think I saw something in the log? I don’t judge anyone but we can’t have a non authorized link for content posted in our forum. People can put link to samples and we will try to figure out what’s wrong. Probably it’s an encoding problem.

Anyway for information I do NOT have this issue with my old S912 box (I just try now) the movie play very fine on this old box with CE 9.2.5 but not with the S905X3… so I’m sure its not only an encoding problem

Same configuration ?

Yes exactly the same configuration both 9.2.5 CE excepted 4.9 kernel on 905x3 and 3.14 on s912 …

… look like a S905X3 bug with ng 4.9 kernel

Frankly I think too because this file play fine on my SonyTV and my old S912… but not in S905X3 … not only bad encoding there

So frustrating to buy the last techy and to get the worst !

Reinstall your old 912 lol