IPTV Big problem! 9.2.8 and 19.3 dont scan

Help me!!! IPTV Big problem!!! 9.2.8 and 19.3 dont scan…
i have ever have problem with IPTV with coreelec but now its very bad!!!
clean install 9.2.8 and 19.3 not work… what a fuck is the problem???

Start with that you can’t even describe the problem.


If you are using an IPTV Simple client, this is a problem I have already reported and no one has ever had it. It starts with the Matrix version and has never been fixed. It works well in Leia


Ok! check this shit! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thanks!

plugin.video.elementum is on list of banned addons which means no support.

AddOnLog: pvr.iptvsimple: pvr.iptvsimple - LoadPlayList - Loaded 30433 channels.

How long do you need to watch them all? :slight_smile: Those are legal streams? Probably not?

Start with completely fresh installation with only pvr.iptvsimple addon. And then analyze the problem. Not when you could have bunch of different issues.

Now everything work :cowboy_hat_face:
Thanks for help!

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