Magicsee N5


Hi @Vascobraga,
Yes now I’m totally satisfied. I’ve never use tvheadend but I think you will not have any problem at all. The device is very fast and display and bluetooth, with the help of coreelec forum members, now is working well.
Godd quality/price device.


Just to let you know there are two versions of this box. The VFD isnt working on my version this is a plus me as its I would probably end up putting a piece of tape over it to stop it lighting up the bedroom.


Thank you both! I’ve ordered the box! Let’s see how it goes!


Just an update, received the box yesterday. The volume in the IR remote didn’t work out of the box but I used the files in the remote thread and now all the buttons are ok. The VFD doesn’t work for me too but I haven’t lost any time tweaking with it to see what’s the problem
Overall I’m very satisfied with the box, WiFi and Bluetooth are working very well and now I’ll see if in the weekend I have some time to test it a little more!


Well done @Vascobraga ! Happy to hear the good news.


If the VFD isn’t working it sounds like you have the V2 one I had. I found the Wifi good on that one and there was a fix for the bluetooth although I dont use Bluetooth.


Hi. I have thought about buying this device N5.
How is ethernet performance ?
How are thermals with 4K HDR remux ?
Any throttling or noticable tearing ?

Aliso any idea about the MagicSee N4 which also is s905x, 2g/16g but cost 10 USD less ?
Seems to be a better buy, but maybe there is a catch ?


WiFi Chip: SSV6051P


Hi. Maybe someone found solution for FD6551 chip?