NEW Repo for Remote files (Thanks to Betatester)

I have a question: I can program any remote or just the one that came with the box?

With meson-ir you can program practically any remote you want.

Wow, thanks a lot!

Today I programmed a new remote using meson ir. All good! Except that when i power of via POWER key i cannot turn on the box with the same button… Whatvdo i do wrong?

Nothing. You need to search this forum for help with power on.

Sorry I am too ill to help

Cant seem to find a solution… If i assign the wakeup key to a remote button will it work?

On the other hand if i stop and start the box by plug in and out the power cord will it damage it?

Remote for (701 Bytes)

T95 (NEC based) - Both Meson IR and Amremote

Is there anyone who is able to take over this?

Just adding files when new remote files are created.

I am currently in hospital, but I am not able to concentrate due to the chemotherapy or radiotherapy

Many Thanks

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Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! It will be taken care of and waiting for you when you return! Hope you get better soon!

Very sad to hear this, hope everything goes okay for you @bubblegum57.

Courage and strength. Soon you’ll be fine. @bubblegum57

Sorry to hear that @bubblegum57 this thread has always been a great resource. I hope things go ok.

I’m trying to customise my remote a bit, is there a full list of commands anywhere? For the most part I’ve got it how I’d like but I’d like the power button to bring up the power menu rather than just turn the box off. I also want a button the equivalent of ‘tab’ to return to your media full screen if you accidentally backspace out.

Also in the past I think I’ve put the below in a file rather than using ssh and it runs itself, what file would that be.

  • ir-ctl -t 50000
  • ir-keytable -D 375 -P 100

I leave remote, for the vontar X3 (1009 Bytes)

HKX3: (775 Bytes)

List of functions can be found by visiting

To have it so it brings up the power options screen with a normal press, or with a long press… you need to use the Keymaps.xml file.


… this to get you started.

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Anyone can create config for this remote for KM9 not PRO

Remote for H96max (x3) (642 Bytes)

Just added the files to a Box cloud account.


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Would you happen to have the files for a Ugoos AM6 remote? Currently using TV remote via HDMI, but would like to use the Ugoos remote if possible.

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