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yes, my x96 have Fn-link 6222B-SRC
i expect next nigtly

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I compiled the latest code on branch amlogic-ng-on-gxl. Boot it on my S905D device and got a white screen. What could be the problem?

CoreELEC Team is currently working in bringing support to gxl devices as you can see in that branch. It will be launched when ready. Of course you can, at your own risk, compile and try it.
But that’s not a nightly issue and I ask users to stay on topic, please.

Anyone having problems resuming playback of 4K x265 encoded files using embycon.
Basically, playing a file from start works fine but when I select to resume using embycon “In progress” , the whole box appears to hang.

I’m using latest nightly build on a X96 Max+ 4GB/32GB with sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit.dtb

Dmesg attached dmesg

I am having the same resume x265 4k video problem crashing Kodi using emby for kodi on a Vim3l.

am I blind or what, but i cant find hdr2sdr option, im on build 20200102 s912 platform is this only for ng

It’s only for NG builds, although I did read somewhere that it may be enabled as auto by default on older builds.

I have both S912 and S905X2 boxes and can say that when playing HDR content on a non HDR TV, the output is exactly the same on both boxes with it set to On or Auto on the S905X2.

Neither does the job fully but is better than having it off altogether.

I find that the equivalent content in non HDR format yields a far better playback anyway.

HDR to SDR is an AMLogic thing too, so unless they do something then nothing is going to change.

It may well be that for these boxes, a TV upgrade would likely be required to watch HDR in the future.

Updated to 20200103 (S905X2 A95X Max) and am still seeing random stuttering video, which requires a stop and restart of the content to temporarily correct.

I also notice that upon restarting the content, subtitles are automatically turned on.

nightly 20200103, after update it seems CEC stopped working, nothing happens when pressing TV remote, Ugoos AM6 and LG OLED C9.

Can you elaborate more on this?
What’s ’7f’ means exactly?


With the new nightlies/kernel this issue seems gone:

only did minimal testing with one file I had issues with before.
Very well done!

tanix tx3 s905x3 , nightly 20200103, playing hevc 10bit AAC 5.1 video. video plays fine but audio is playing very slow and garbled. tried disabling passthrough, same behavior. The same file plays flawless on my s912 box

please test nightly 20200108

Please provide a sample.

On some channels appears: error " not enough funds to view"
P.S.: x96 s905x


What structure should I download for the HK1 X3 Amlogic S905X3?
I wasn’t sure. Can you help me, please?

Pay the bill?


I suggest you get a legitimate subscription then, piracy is not welcome here.

isnt it same as Air P2/P3? (sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit in case you have 4gb/1GB ethernet)

I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean?

this can be

I should download it.