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Remote config posted near top of this thread may work in your box

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I don’t want to be irrespectuous but can we hope soon a new stable version? I’m pretty boring of the CEC troubles (restart when I shut down AVR or projector) of my N2 :/. It’s like every new features of a nightly postpone the stable version again :smiley:

Stable version is not coming from thin air…
If you experience any problem with the latest nightly then report it properly so there is a chance to somebody will fix it.

Intermittent freezing on live tv images continues in GT king Pro. But there is no problem with sound and recording.

Which driver modules you have chosen?

Yes, I know that nightly are made for, but since the last stable, it seems to me that a lot of things tried and resolve in nightly can be already integrated in a stable :). My interrogations can be resumed in this question: what is determinant for the team to “pause” the nightly dev into a stable, and new troubles again to resolve for the stable and nightly again? Because troubles they always are :D. And when I see the previous rythm of stables version, it seems that this decision (to pause nightly dev) was more taked than now.

I don’t use nightly versions because I’m not using dual boot, and when I read some troubles here in new version I don’t want to take the risk to damage all the time I take to begin with my N2 (I’m not a linux user, discover SSH, Kodi, ARM world etc. with my N2, so it was not so easy).

Or told me a nightly version with less major troubles, but it’s like to say “this is the new stable version”.
I know the team didn’t like to be asked for date, I really don’t want to add pressure to the team, but it’s also an occasion to me to understand how the rythm is giving between stable and nightly ;).

Are You sure ?
You don´t want to use nighly builds because not using dual boot ?
I don´t use dual boot, but I´m running nightlies

I’m using the crazycat dvb driver.

No, I’m not sure, explain it to me if I missed something : to me nightly are like beta versions, needed to dev stables version with the massive test deployment capability gived by nightly testor community.
I didn’t include myself in because I’m not feeling enough technicaly capable (newby with linux) to report precise things, and for the dual boot laking.

As the risk to loose data/parameters/or just the usage of the box, because of a trouble, is not negligeable with nightly, and as I read here from another confirmed user that is not adviced to use nightly in the main and only partition, no I don’t want to take that risk ;). But if you take, certainly it’s because you feeled enough confident with the Corelec development :wink:

Rule #51: Sometimes You´re wrong
There are a lot of issues fixed in nightly builds
You can install the nightly on seperate SD card - no risk

This topic is to discuss nightly builds.
If you don’t use any of it then you should not post here.
Please stop asking about when stable will release.
It will be released when it is ready.

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You need it for your tuner, right? Can you test it with another module driver?

If you had read my previous post about 10 or so posts up then you would have your answer.

Sorry I don’t see that another user risk to asks 2d ago, but certainly there will be other as we don’t know how the CE dev works. Thanks all for your indulgence -_-, do you read all the precautions I’ve take in my previous post to try to avoid this kind of sympathy? sure I won’t post here again, sorry for the mistake, as stable come out of nightlies…, I prefered it than a lonely new thread or a post on the 9.2.1 thread.

For the not daily reader, here is the response of my question:
"We never give ETA’s but we are exploring releasing a stable but there is still a couple of outstanding issues, mainly the video slowdown with HEVC content is causing the biggest concern.
Most of the devs haven’t been able to reproduce it but we have seen multiple reports of it."
-> Tim, you see, but despite you gently rules program, I agree that nightly can be used on separate SD card

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That’s okay, your forgiven :grin:

The question is asked between every release and it’s the same answer every time.

Nobody can give an ETA because a stable is only produced when the entire team is in agreement for it and everything has been thoroughly tested and right now the team isn’t in agreement.

Small bugs keep popping up recently with random video slowdowns, issues with live TV and DVB drivers and an outstanding HDR issue that we are waiting on feedback with.


This problem must surely be seen by the team!
A user made a maneuver and I got it here and it looks like it worked.

But he did not report it as he did!

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You fully respond to my question: please, maybe notify it somewhere for new users can easy read it, it will certainly save your time and nerves :wink: (maybe at the end of the new stable version blue window?). It is maybe trivial for some, but when you begin with non commercial OS, this is an operation we have to take in consideration! We (CE users) are not all at the same technical level.

It can get quite tedious, when people are asking the same questions time after time. There is a search button at the top of the page. This might not be applicable in your case. Not sure your question can be helped by using the search function

I have been trying to help someone on another thread. But the answer to his question was three posts above in the same thread. I told him this, but he still didn’t get it.

I am not technical, but I like to think I don’t post many questions, because most things can be answered by Google.

I do understand, not everyone’s first language is English.

Not sure if I should say this but I think anyone clamouring for a new stable is impatient and disrespectful. To my mind the best people to judge if a version is stable are the developers, not the users. The choices are binary, either use latest nightly at all times and contribute, selflessly, by reporting issues or use stable for what it says on the tin. There is no option for a stable cutting edge version.

GT King Pro
TBS5520SE Multi-standard Universal TV Tuner USB

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